Life Grain (Innocent Life)

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Life Grain
Life Grain's Photo
Aliases: Name Determined By Player, Model: Innocent Life
Japanese Name: イノセントライフ (Inosento Raifu)
Age: (Conceptually) 12[1]
Residence: Easter Ruins
Family: Hope Grain (Father)


A boy entrusted with the future of the island. He looks like an adorable and innocent young boy, but he is in fact a special android.Through the power of Dr. Hope Grain's love and amassed fortune, the innocent life which he created was aptly named "Innocent Life". His functions and abilities are similar to humans; the only difference is that he was born through the power of science.
"What is a human? What makes a human different from machines? Is it because of the existence of the soul?"
These thoughts shared by Dr. Hope Grain led to Life's creation. Through the life he will lead by farming, Life will learn the importance of life and the warmth of love itself. Life's journey will change the fate of the dying Heartflame island, and bring with it the light of hope.[2]

Human Status[edit]

Innocentlife humanstats life.png

Life Grain's initial "Human" stats are:
Challenge: 0
Love: 0
Intelligence: 20
Cooking: 0
Creativity: 0
Humor: 0

Events and Requirements[edit]




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