Lanna's Storyline (Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming)

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Stage one – beach[edit]

  • Lanna runs about from place to place looking worried*

Lanna: Hmmm… The town's all covered in vegetables… Something strange is happening! I should explore and see if the veggies are popping up anywhere else! Wow! The vegetables are growing on the beach, too! Amazing… Huh? Hey, it's Elliot! Lanna: Elliot! Good morning! Elliot: Aaah! Lanna: Ha ha ha! Scaredy cat! Elliot: I wasn't scar. You just startled me… What are you doing here? Lanna: I'm exploring the island! I want to see where these veggies are showing up! Elliot: That's not a bad idea… Lanna: What are you up to, Elliot? Elliot: M-Me?! I'm just… I'm just harvesting some vegetables for, uhh… no reason. Lanna: Hmm. Sounds like fun! I'll help! Elliot: Really?! But… uhh… Lanna: What?! You don't want to harvest with me? Elliot: N-no, that's not it at all! I'd… appreciate it. Lanna: That's better! Elliot: But, Lanna, do you know how to harvest? Lanna: O-Of course I do! I'm a master harvester! Elliot: O-Oh, I see… then this'll be a piece of cake! Lanna: Yeah! Let's harvest!

  • Stage begins, team harvest with Elliot

Lanna: Good work! Elliot: Y-you too!

  • Game play

Elliot: Um… I'll just take all these vegetables, then. Lanna: Huh? What do you need so many veggies for? Elliot: N-N-N-N-Nothing! Ha ha ha ha! Lanna: Elliot… You're hiding something from me, aren't you? Elliot: O-of course not! Really! Lanna: *glare* Elliot: Uh, anyway, you're pretty amazing, Lanna! Lanna: Of course I am! …Um, in what way were you thinking, though? Elliot: At harvest! I'm surprised that you can harvest so well! Heh heh heh! Aww, you're making me blush! Hey wait… was I asking you about something? Elliot: N-No I don't think so… Lanna: Hmmm… Oh, well! I'm going to go explore some more! Bye bye! Elliot: Okay, good luck… Phew… that was close..

Stage two –Mansion[edit]

Lanna: Exploring is so fun! (musicnote) La la la laaaaaaa! (musicnote) Wow, look at all these veggies! Sabrina won't be able to get out of her house!

  • Denny appears

Denny: Hey! What's up, Lanna? Lanna: Oh, hello, Denny! Look at this! Denny: Wow! That's a lotta vegetables! Lanna: Isn't it?

  • Pierre appears from behind Lanna

Pierre: My, this is quite the quantity of crops! Lanna: Eek! Pierre! Don't sneak around like that! Pierre: But… I was merely saying hello… Denny: Anyway, all these vegetables have got to be a problem for Sabrina, right? Lanna: Yeah! So I thought I'd harvest them for her! Pierre: What a wonderfully helpful idea! Denny: Especially for Lanna! Lanna: Denny! What's that supposed to mean?! Denny: Huh? N-nothing! Lanna: Oh, you! Pierre: Now, now, you two. If you're harvesting vegetables, I'll gladly help! Denny: Yeah, I will too. Lanna: Yay! Okay, let's get started! Denny & Pierre: Yeah! Popper: Good luck! Good luck!

  • Stage begin – team score w/ Pierre and Denny

Lanna: Phew, I'm beat. Denny: Yeah, that was a real workout. Pierre: But it looks like we got most of the crops! Popper: Good job! Good job! Lanna: Hee hee! Denny: By the way, what are you up to, Lanna? Lanna: Hmm? Exploring! Denny: Is that right? Pierre: Well, there's certainly a lot to see today! By the way, you two.. Lanna: What is it, Pierre? Pierre: I'm thinking of throwing a party for the town! Denny: A party? Pierre: That's right! I think we should use these vegetables for a feast! Lanna: I see! Pierre: With all the crops around, it will be the grandest feast the town has ever seen! Lanna: That sounds great! What a great idea, Pierre! Pierre: Thank you! But I don't think I can harvest enough crops by myself… Lanna: Don't worry! I'll help! Denny: Count me in too. Pierre: Thank you so much! I'll go ask Taro for help organizing. You're sure you don't mind gathering crops? Denny: No prob! Leave it to me! Lanna: Yeah! It'll be fun! Pierre: Let's all meet back in town when we're done. Lanna: Okie dokie! Denny: No prob! Pierre: Thank you all so much! Lanna: Oh, Denny! Denny: Hmm? What is it? Lanna: About the party… I think we should keep it a secret! Denny: Wh-why? Lanna: Because it'd be better as a surprise! Denny: Huh? Why? Lanna: Just trust me! So keep it a secret! And you'd better not tell anyone! *Lanna runs off* Denny: Wait! Lanna! Shouldn't she have told Pierre that the party's a secret?

Stage three[edit]

Stage four[edit]

Stage five[edit]

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Stage seven[edit]