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This page is about Kyle from Rune Factory 2. For other uses, see Kyle (disambiguation).
Kyle's Photo
Japanese Name: カイル (Kairu)
Voiced By: JPN.gif 坂本 真綾 (Maaya Sakamoto)
Birthday: Varies
Residence: Alvarna
Family: Varies
Favorite Gifts: None Specified
Disliked Gift: None Specified
Birthday Gift: None Specified

Kyle (カイル, Kairu) is the main character, who stumbles upon Alvarna after losing his memory. He lives in Douglas' farmhouse upon Mana's offer. He's a natural with farm tools, so he wonders if he can find out more about his past if he grows a successful farm. He's a very kind-hearted and caring person, and is also very dedicated and brave. He seems to like a challenge, too.

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Everyday Happy Angry Nervous Sad Blushing

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