Ken (Harvest Moon: 2 GBC)

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This page is about Ken from Harvest Moon: 2 GBC. For other uses, see Ken (disambiguation).
Ken's Photo
Japanese Name: ゲン (Gen)
Residence: Carpenter's Shop
Family: None
Favorite Gift:


Ken is the local carpenter and will happily build anything you need so long as you've got the cash and resources for it. Easily the best (and only) carpenter in the land.


Birthday Gift: None


Who Ya Gonna Call?[edit]

Bill will come by to tell you about a ghost sighting. Head to the Town Square and talk to Ken, who seems to be a bit spooked, and the mayor, who'll ask you to go see Cain who wants you to go talk to Ken again. Ken will tell his tale and say specific keywords you want to make note of. When you return to the Church, Cain wants you to retell the story like Ken said it. You'll then discover what really went on that night.

Millions Of Melons, Melons For Me[edit]

If you plant a bunch of melons, Ken may come by when they're ripe and ask for 20 of them. If you tell him yes, put 20 in the shipping bin and he'll take care of the rest. Don't put anything else in the bin. When he comes by, he'll either give you 5000G for the melons, or 150 each if you came up short.