Katie (Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland)

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Katie's Photo
Japanese Name: ケティ (Keti)
Birthday: Fall 29
Residence: Sunny Garden Cafe
Family: Wallace (grandfather)
Favorite Gift: Moondrop Flowers, Cheese, Cookies


Katie is a young sixteen year old girl who tries to act older than what she actually is. A sweetheart who loves to bake, she'll do anything in her power to make the ultimate cake. Though she is extremely mature for her age, Katie's actions are very bold for a girl. Katie is an outgoing girl who tries to act older than she is. She loves food and boys. She lives with her grandpa Wallace.

In-Game Profile[edit]

Age: 16 Height: 5'0" Weight: 90 lbs Likes: making sweets, cheese Dislikes: being treated like a child An impertinent and precocious girl. She might try to act older than she is, but her way of thinking is fairly mature. Her actions are quite bold for a girl.

Events and Requirements[edit]

In order to finish the game with all possible endings, you must befriend Katie, Dia, Wallace, and Gwen to unlock "The Cake Contest" ending.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

This game does not include any way to keep track of affection levels. Lines will be listed generally in order from what they say at the beginning of the game, to what they say as they get to know you better.

Description Line
Introduction "Hi. I've never seen you before. Oh! You must be Tony's grandson. Are you going to work on his farm? Oh, I see. So what's your name? How old are you? Where are you from? ...Okay, so you're <Player Name>. Nice to meet you. I'm Katie and I'm sixteen years old."
In the cafe "Hello."
"Hello. How are you today?"
"I work here at the cafe during the day. Would you like some tea?"
"Check out our menu. Everything's good! I bake the cookies and cakes sometimes."
"My Grandpa's tea makes you feel good. And it goes great with sweets."
"This place turns into a bar at night, but I'm not allowed to work then. I don't know why I can't. I'm not a little kid anymore!"
In bedroom "I can cook dinner. I'm not as good as Gina, but I'm not so bad."
Walking "You're always running around everywhere. Don't you get tired?"
"I love taking a walk through the forest. I see different things each time."
Morning "Hi, good morning."
"Good morning. You're up early."
"Good morning. Thanks for coming but we don't open until noon."
"Good morning, <Player Name>. Picking up nuts so early in the morning? You're such a hard worker."
Night "You should go home soon."
"Don't drink too much. Good night."
"Don't you think it's impolite to come to a girl's room this late at night?"


Description Line
Raining "I hope we get more business when it starts to rain."
"You really ought to stay home on days like this."
Storming "You won't miss anything by staying home on a day like this! ...Did you come because you're worried about me? I'm fine. But thanks, you've made my day♡"

Gift Lines[edit]

Description Line
Give Corn "You grew this? Thank you."
Give V. Berry "Hee hee, thanks. That makes me happy♡"
Give Egg "For me? Thank you! I can practice baking cakes with this."
Give Pink Cat Flower "How nice! I would never have expected this from you. Hee hee, thanks."
Give Cake "Are you challenging me? fine, I'll try some of it later."

Final Remarks[edit]

Characters will generally repeat this line until they move on to a new area.

Description Line
Day time "Well, good luck."
"Are you going home already? See you later."
"Um, good luck."
"Hee hee. See you later."
Night time "Good bye."
"You have to go home now. Sleep tight."
"You should rest when it's time to rest."

Event Related[edit]

Characters will generally repeat this line until they move on to a new area.

Description Line
After first Cake event "I'm counting on you for that recipe. Please find it for me, okay?"
After second Cake event "I'm counting on you for the Golden Milk and the Golden Egg."
After first Goddess Robe event "About the Goddess Robe... It's really unusual for Gina to be so enthusiastic about something. I really want to be of help to her."
After flower blooms during Butterfly ending "I heard you grew that blue flower by the Harvest Goddess Lake. That's amazing."