Katie (Harvest Moon: Magical Melody)

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Katie's Photo
Japanese Name: ケティ (Keti)
Birthday: Fall 29
Favorite Gift: Toadstool
Rival: Joe


Katie arrives in the village after Carl opens his cafe. She's a talented cook who likes to bake cakes.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Description Line
Zero Hearts "If you get tired from work, come for tea! Sweets are good when you're tired!"
One Heart "Watch me! I'm going to become a special cake chef!"
Two Hearts "I love cake! I get happy just looking at cake! The popular cakes are cool and wonderful.."
Three Hearts "Carl won't acknowledge my cakes. I wonder what's wrong with them? I think appearance is important too."
Four Hearts "I love talking about love! It's not that I like gossip, but I like listening to stories about romance. So, do you think the tool shop owner and the flower shop owner are in love?"
Five Hearts "I eat nothing but cake so I'm worried I'll get fat. My, oh no. I need to watch what I eat, so I can stay fit."
Six Hearts "Sticking to one's own opinion is important. But listening to opinions around you and reexamining yourself is also key. It makes me take stock in myself."
Seven Hearts "My grandfather said, 'Love is most important for making cakes.' I wonder if that means I need to find someone I love? I really don't get it."
Eight Hearts "Say, do you like younger people <Player Name>? No, I just wanted to ask. It doesn't mean anything."
Nine/Ten Hearts "I've... been a little weird these days. I've been thinking of you instead of baking cakes.. Weird, huh?"


Description Line
Morning "Good morning!"
Afternoon "Hello♪"
Evening "Good evening♪"
Farewell "Okay, see ya!"

Weather Lines[edit]

Description Line
Rainy "Rainy days are gloomy. But the coffee shop does good business."

Miscellaneous Lines[edit]

Description Line




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