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This page is about Karen from Harvest Moon: DS. For other uses, see Karen (disambiguation).
Karen's Photo
Japanese Name: カーリー (Kaarii)
Birthday: Fall 15
Residence: Vesta's Farm on Tuesdays (after HM:FoMT connection)
Family: Father (Out of Town)
Mother (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Pizza


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]



Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Portrait Line
Black Heart Hey, are you well? You do have work. You have no time for a break.
Purple Heart Hello? The Blue Bar is fun, isn't it. It's a nice place.
Green Heart My father is not well... That's why I help with the store. Sorry... That was a depressing subject.
Yellow Heart My mother asks me "what kind of person is the owner of the farm in the Valley?". How did I answer? Well, I wonder what I said... Hee hee hee.
Orange Heart How're you feeling? Are you busy with work? If you have any trouble, call me at the store anytime. I'll help.
Red Heart To...tonight I... To...today, y...you look well... Really... Recently, you have been appearing in all of my, dreams, <Player>. Perhaps you're on my mind a lot...? Just kidding.

Gift Related[edit]

Type Portrait Line
Favorite Gift Wow, it's a Pizza. Yahoo, it looks delicious. Thank you.
Loved Gift This is great, thank you. I love it.
Liked Gift I'm gonna' dig in. Thank you.
Neutral Gift Thank you.
Disliked Gift Hmm, I'm sorry. I don't like this...
Hated Gift I hate this. I don't want any next time.
Worst Gift I know it's good for me but... I hate it more than anything...


Proposal & Wedding[edit]

Portrait Character Line
Blushing Karen Wo...wow, let's go to your house, <Player>.
You go to Your Farm
Blushing Karen I... I'm so surprised... Sometimes you're daring.
Happy Karen They do this same in my hometown.
Everyday Karen I heard about it from my mother long ago and dreamed of it.
Blushing Karen But now that it's for real, I'm kind of nervous.
Happy Karen An answer? Yes, yes.
Everyday Karen I have to tell my father. He may cry. You want to come with me? Not a good idea. Things could get complicated. Leave it to me.
A week later......
Everyday Thomas It is my honor to preside over this wedding. And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?
Blushing Karen Yes, I do.
Happy Thomas Wonderful!
Everyday Thomas And now I will ask the groom. Do you pledge to love Karen as long as you shall live?
Blushing Karen Let's be happy.
Happy Thomas I now pronounce you married.
Everyday Harvest Goddess (<Player>. <Player>.)
Happy Harvest Goddess (Tadaaaaaaaaaaa. Congratulations. Let me toll the wedding bells.)




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