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This page is about Karen from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. For other uses, see Karen (disambiguation).
Karen's Photo
Japanese Name: カレン (Karen)
Birthday: Fall 15
(Alternate: Fall 23)
Residence: Supermarket
Family: Jeff (Father)
Sasha (Mother)
Favorite Gift: pizza, popcorn, sashimi, truffles, wine, moondrop flowers cheese, cheese fondue, corn, cucumbers, Eggs, Flowers, Miso Soup, orange cup, almost everything you cook (Including failed dishes)
Rival: Rick


Karen is a villager of Mineral Town. She lives and works with her parents, Jeff and Sasha, at the Supermarket. She's known as the fiercest drinker in the village.

Karen is an assertive, confident woman, and drinking happens to not be her only interest; she also enjoys singing and dancing. Karen is a good listener, and loves hearing other people's stories.

The protagonist meets Karen when entering the Supermarket for the first time.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Spoiler Below - Flower Festival Portraits

Normal Happy


To marry Karen, it's essential to raise her heart to orange or red. This can simply be accomplished by having the protagonist speak to her every day and partaking in festivals with her. To speed up progress, give her Wine, flowers, or almost any cooked dish. Once Karen's heart reaches orange, the Blue Feather will become available at the supermarket for _______. After upgrading the house to the Second House Extension, the protagonist may propose to Karen for marriage.

Rick will marry Karen if the protagonist doesn't.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Heart Level Lines
Greeting "...Hello."
"You don't look familiar."
Black Heart "Hi."
"What can I do for you?"
Purple Heart "Hi, how are you?"
"Whenever you have a problem or something, just come talk to me."
Blue Heart "I'm afraid our store isn't very well stocked."
"But at least we have the tools you need for farming."
Green Heart "My parents fight at the drop of a hat."
"Then they suddenly make up. It's silly."
Yellow Heart "Hello <Player's Name>! How are you doing?"
"I'm impressed. a person my age running a farm."
Orange Heart "Oh...H...Hello."
"You startled me. ♥"
Red Heart "Lately I find myself thinking about you, <Player's Name>♥"
"Just kidding. But what if it were true?"


Event Condition Location Lines
Introduction None Supermarket Doctor: "I'll bring the money next time...."

Jeff: "Huh? The next time...?" Sasha enters

Sasha: "Jeff! You sold on credit again! You're such a pushover.... That was the doctor, right? I'll go to the clinic to get the money." Sasha exits

Jeff: "Umm...."

Duke enters

Duke: "Hey, I'll take this. Put it on my tab."

Jeff: "Oh.... That thing.... Okay. Yeah, next time."

Duke: "Say, aren't you the guy from the <Player's Farm>?.... What's wrong? You don't look good."


Duke: "Huh? You're strange."

Karen enters

Karen: "Dad! You sold on credit again? That was Duke, right? I'll go watch up with him."

Jeff: "Oh.... I have a stomachache."

>(You should pay)

Duke: "Hahaha. It's okay."

Karen enters

Karen: "Duke!"

Duke: "Oh! Karen!"

Karen: "You should pay when you buy something."

Duke: "Okay, okay.... You. I can't escape...."

Karen: "Thanks for the help. You own the <Player's Farm>, right? My name's Karen. Nice to meet you."

Karen's Question Purple Heart+ Waterfall Karen: "You look troubled. Is something the matter?"

>(No troubles)

Karen: "Oh, well, that's good to hear."

>(Love Life)

Karen: "Oh, you're lovesick... I can listen to you if you'd like."

>(The Farm)

Karen: "Go talk to Barley at Yodel Ranch. You just started working the farm. Don't be so hard on yourself."

Karen's Request Blue Heart+ Farm (Exit House) Moon Drop Flowers.
Harvest Goddess Event Offer 10 crops to the Harvest Goddess.
Karen must have the highest heart rating of all girls.
Waterfall Harvest Goddess: "Well, if it isn't <Player's Name>... again."

Harvest Goddess: "You've come so often... let me do something for you."

Harvest Goddess: "Do you have a sweetheart?"

>1. Yes, I do.

>2. No, I don't.

Harvest Goddess: "I understand... Thank you for your offering. See you later."

Karen shows up as you walk down the stairs

Karen: "Were you at the hot spring?"

Karen: "I'm on my way there now."

After following Karen, you can jump in the hot spring only to find a monkey in there, and then exit the hot spring again. Karen then shows up from behind the hot spring.

Karen: "Oh...what are you doing here?"

Karen: "There are monkeys in the hot spring? Haha, they like the hot water too."

Karen: "Well, I won't go there today."

Festival Condition Location Lines
Fireworks Festival ??? Heart Beach docks Karen: "What's up? Are you looking for someone to watch with?"

>(Ask her to watch together)

Karen: "You want to watch with me? Sure, OK."

Fireworks start

Karen: "I like the fact that fireworks come and go in an instant, changing shape as they die." Karen: "I can't take my eyes off them."

After the fireworks when talking to Karen..

Karen: "My parents say they don't have to come here because they can watch from home, but it's much better here.

  • Note: When you're married to Karen there's some additional dialogues right after the last firework is shown, and when you talk to her to start watching the dialogue changes as well.
Moon Viewing Day Have Karen at the Highest Affection Mother's Hill Peak Karen: "I heard the best place to view the moon was on the mountain.

Karen: "Are you going Moon-Viewing too, <Player's Name>?


Karen: "Isn't this wonderful?

Karen: "Mmmmm...it feels so good."

Karen: "Moon-view sake is good but... let's eat dumplings today."

Karen: "There are so many more fun things to do at night, don't you think?"

"Staying up late is good sometimes..."

Star Night Festival ??? Heart, Been invited day Before Karen's House Karen: "Oh, <Player's Name>!"

Sasha: "Karen was looking forward to you coming."

Jeff: "What do you mean Karen was looking forward to it?"

Karen: "Would you stop that! <Player's Name> lives alone so I thought he might want to come, that's all."

Gift Effect Lines (Normal day) Lines (Birthday) Lines (Married)
Loves Karen: "Wow, thank you."
Karen: "I like this very much."
Karen: "Wow, is that really for me?"
Karen: "Today is my birthday!"
Karen: "Is that the reason?"
Likes Karen: "Wow, thank you."
Karen: "I like this very much."
Karen: "Oh, thank you very much."
Karen: "Today is my birthday."
Neutral Karen: "Oh, thank you very much." Karen: "Thank you."
Karen: "Oh... today is my birthday!"
Dislikes Karen: "Sorry."
Karen: "That's not for me."
Hates Karen: "Eh!"
Karen: "Next time how about giving that to someone else?"
Perfume Karen: "Oooh, that looks expensive."
Karen: "Is it really for me? Hee hee."
Karen: "I'm going to show this off to everybody."
Receive mail from Karen next day
"Thank you for the wonderful present. - Karen"
Jewelry Karen: "What? Is this for me?"
Karen: "Wh...why?"
Karen: "Th...thank you.
Karen: "Yes, today is my birthday,"
Karen: "but are you sure this is OK?"
Karen: "It looks so expensive."
Karen: "...Thank you."
Karen: "What? For me?"
Karen: "What's happened to you."
Karen: "<Honey / Dear / Darling>?"


  • 8AM to 10:10AM at the benches beside the Supermarket every day but Sunday
  • 10:20AM to 1PM in her room
  • 1PM to 6PM at the Supermarket
  • 1:30 to 4PM on Tuesday if it's not raining she can be found at the hot spring
  • 1:30 to 4PM on Tuesday if it's raining at Gotz's house
  • 7:40PM to 10PM on Tuesday and Sundays she'll be at the Inn


  • Favorites: pizza, popcorn, sashimi, truffles, wine, Moondrop flowers, cheese, cheese fondue, corn, cucumbers, eggs, flowers, miso soup, orange cup, almost everything you cook
  • Dislikes: Apples, apple jam, cookies, honey, jam bun, mixed latte, all the sweet things
  • Hates: Ores, fish, fish food, fodder




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