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This page is about Kanno from Rune Factory Frontier. For other uses, see Kanno (disambiguation).
Kanno's Photo
Japanese Name: カンロ (Kanro)
Birthday: Fall 8th
Family: Cinnamon (Granddaughter)

Candy (Granddaughter)

Favorite Gift: Magic Powder


He lives in the magical clock tower and is Cinnamon and Candy's grandfather. He is retired now.. but when he was working, he was employed at the Royal Academy of the Magic Capital. He's a very studious man.


Around 3-5 days after you've checked the Clock Tower


Kanno's Trials[edit]

As you level up, keep in contact with Kanno to start on a long stream of small request events. At level 2, he will request you bring him a cheap cloth. Fulfill this request and he'll reward you with a fire rod. At level ten you'll be instructed to get him a sharp fang and a hard horn and again he'll ask for an emerald and a Thick Stick at level 20. For these, you'll get a Hell Branch. Then, at level 30 he'll ask for another cheap cloth. Finally, at level 65 he'll ask you for a Magic Crystal and a Warrior Medal. You'll get a Crimson Stick as a prize and Kanno will declare he has nothing more to teach you (or steal from you, more like...)


Favorite Gift: Magic Powder

Likes: All types of cakes

Dislikes: Junk Ore