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This page is about Julia from Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. For other uses, see Julia (disambiguation).
Julia's Photo
Japanese Name: ジュリア (Juria)
Birthday: Spring 6
Family: Mirabelle (Mother)
Favorite Gift:
Rival: Elliot


Always has a positive attitude towards life, and never hesitates to help her mother with anything she needs.

She helps her mother with her shop. Julia has a positive attitude toward everything. She's very cheery and likes to work out (lit. "move her body").

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Everyday Everyday Happy Blushing Angry Sad Nervous

Spoiler Below - Wedding Portrait


Arrival on Island[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Heart Events[edit]

Purple Heart: Animal Lover Julia[edit]

  • Japanese: (動物好きジュリア)
  • To Trigger: Go up from town 1 into the forest.
  • Answer Correctly:
  • Answer Incorrectly:
  • Description: Julia is in the woods with a dog. She tells you that she often sees this dog in the forest and likes to play with him. She absolutely loves animals, even though it's hard to take care of them. She asks if you like them despite all the work involved. Say you do. Julia's happy to hear that! She then tells the dog that it should return home, and the dog leaves. Julia is a little sad and wonders if the dog actually will return home. You nod and Julia immediately cheers up. Julia says she needs to get on with her work and returns home.

Blue Heart 1: Suspicious Behaviour[edit]

  • Japanese: (あやしい行動)
  • To Trigger: Mirabelle's shop in the morning.
  • Answer Correctly:
  • Answer Incorrectly:
  • Description: Julia is standing in front of a bookshelf, doing something. You walk up to her, startling her. Don't do that again! You seem to think that she was hiding something in the bookshelf, but Julia quickly says that she wasn't. So stop staring! Ask her if she's secretly saving some money and Julia will admit that she is. But, please don't tell her mother. Promise to keep quiet and Julia will thank you and tell you that she's saving up some money to buy her mother a gift. Mirabelle will be very happy if Julia suddenly presents some sort of gift to her, won't she? You nod, and just then, Mirabelle comes in! She greets you and then asks why you and Julia are standing right in front of that bookshelf. That's an odd place to stand! You shake your head, indicating that nothing's wrong, and Mirabelle chuckles, jokingly calls you a strange kid, and goes into the kitchen. Julia quietly thanks you for keeping quiet.

Blue Heart 2:[edit]

  • Japanese:
  • To Trigger:
  • Answer Correctly:
  • Answer Incorrectly:
  • Description:

Yellow Heart 1: Present for Mum[edit]

  • Japanese: (母へのプレゼント)
  • To Trigger:
  • Answer Correctly:
  • Answer Incorrectly:
  • Description: When you enter Chen's store, you will see Julia and Natalie standing in front of one of the shelves, talking. They're not sure what to get... Julia turns around and sees you, then walks over and asks you if you're there to shop. Julia and Natalie came to look for a gift for Julia's mother, since Julia has saved up enough to buy something. She asks you to help them. Julia explains that the things on this shelf are within her price range, but she isn't sure what to get. Natalie has no idea, either. So Julia asks you, if you had to pick out something for your mother, what would you get? Say you'd get something she would like and Natalie will agree that would be the best. So Julia picks something that she knows her mother would like. She thanks you for helping her make her decision.

Yellow Heart 2:[edit]

  • Japanese:
  • To Trigger:
  • Answer Correctly:
  • Answer Incorrectly:
  • Description:

Yellow Heart 3:[edit]

  • Japanese:
  • To Trigger:
  • Answer Correctly:
  • Answer Incorrectly:
  • Description:

Yellow Heart 4:[edit]

  • Japanese:
  • To Trigger:
  • Effect:
  • Description:

Orange Heart:[edit]

  • Japanese:
  • To Trigger:
  • Effect:
  • Description:

Red Heart: A Blue Feather For You...[edit]

  • Japanese: (青い羽根を君に)
  • Description: Requirements are the same for all the girls. Once you've met all the marriage requirements, give her the Blue Feather. The two of you will go home to talk about it. The ceremony will be at the church one week later.

Rival Events[edit]

Event 1: Animal Shop Helper[edit]

  • Japanese: (動物屋のお手伝い)
  • To Trigger: Enter Masell's shop, early morning. Sunny or cloudy day. Day of the week doesn't seem to matter (probably?) You must have a decent friendship (1~2 FP) with one of them (the one who is not available to your character.)
  • Description: Eric comes to Masell's shop to help Julia put some things in order. Julia insists that she can do the work herself. But Eric won't give up and tells her that he'll always be there for her when she needs help. He's a guy, after all, and should do the work that requires strength. Masell tells Julia that she ought to allow Eric to help, and she finally gives in. Julia formally asks Eric for his help, which causes him to blush.

Event 2: Julia's Gratitude[edit]

  • Japanese: (ジュリアのお礼)
  • To Trigger: Enter Tarou's house in the evening during Year 2 or beyond. Sunny or cloudy day. You must have a decent friendship (2~3 FP) with one of them (the one not available to your character) and the one who is available to you must not be above a blue heart.
  • Description: Julia has brought a dish of some sort for Eric's family, as a gesture of thanks for the work Eric has done at the livestock shop. Eric thanks her, but then apologizes for what happened the other day. Natalie immediately wants to know what Eric did wrong. Julia explains that Eric fell and scattered around the contents of a box they were packing. Natalie says that Eric does stuff like that a lot. Is that really helping? Julia says that actually was a help. It was hard to pick up everything, but in doing so, they realized that they were shortchanging their customer. They hadn't quite filled the order! So they were able to fix that. Natalie can't believe that Eric's clumsiness actually was useful for once! With something that bizarre happening, does that mean there will be an earthquake or something tomorrow? Eric doesn't think Natalie's little joke is funny. But Julia chuckles and tells Eric that she's grateful for his help, and Eric blushes and tells Julia he's glad to know that.

Event 3: From Here...[edit]

  • Japanese: (ここから・・・)
  • To Trigger: Enter town ward 1 from ward 2 during Year 3 or beyond. Sunny or cloudy day, and both Eric and Julia must be outside. You must have a decent friendship (4~5+ FP) with one of them (the one not available to your character) and the one who is available to you must not be above a green or yellow heart.
  • Description: Eric tells Julia that when they first came to the island, he was worried about whether or not they'd be able to pull through. He's glad to see that things have gone so well. Julia agrees and says it's good that they've been able to help out each other. If the livestock shop had been up to just her and her mother, things wouldn't have gone so well... Eric turns to her and comments that it's very unlike her to worry. Julia admits that she worries all the time, she just does her best not to show it. Eric assures her that he's very thankful that she came to the island. He doesn't know what he'd do if he didn't have her there backing him! Julia blushes and tells him not to praise her so much, but then admits that she's happy to hear that.

Event 4: Sudden Talk[edit]

  • Japanese:(突然のお話)
  • To Trigger: Enter Masell's shop in the early morning on a sunny day during Year 4 or beyond. You must have a decent friendship (5~6+ FP) with one of them (the one not available to your character) and the one who is available to you must not be above an orange heart. However, if you're already married, then the heart level doesn't matter.
  • Description: Eric is trying to muster up the courage to ask Julia something, but he just can't get it out. Julia, slightly annoyed by Eric's constant "umms" and "uhhs," asks him what's wrong. Eric still can't answer, so she asks if he needs help with shipping today? Julia isn't so busy, so she can help if necessary. Eric manages to tell her that's not what's wrong. So Julia asks again why Eric is acting so strange today. Eric finally manages to blurt out a marriage proposal! Julia is shocked, and now it's her turn to stutter. Eric thinks he's offended her, so he quickly apologizes. She can find someone better than him, anyway... But Julia says that's not the reason she can't answer right now. She's just not certain what to say! She's very happy that he proposed to her, but she'll need to think about it a little bit. Eric says that's fine, and he'll be eagerly awaiting her answer.

Approximately one week after you get this scene (timing depending on festivals and the weather), Eric and Julia will be married.

After Marriage Event 1: Julia's Accident?[edit]

  • Japanese: (ジュリアの異変?)
  • To Trigger: Enter Masell's shop about a month after Eric and Julia's wedding.
  • Description: Eric has called the doctor (Dr. Trent) to come and look at Julia. She hasn't been well lately. Both he and Masell are very worried about her. However, the doctor tells them there's no need for worry. Julia isn't sick. She's pregnant! Eric and Julia will be parents before too long! However, the doctor tells then that it would probably be a good idea for Julia to go to the clinic in town when she's nearing the time to give birth. Eric asks Julia if she wants to do that, and Julia agrees that's probably the best thing to do. So the doctor promises to come and pick her up shortly before the baby is due.

After Marriage Event 2: See You Later, Julia[edit]

  • Japanese: (いってらっしゃいジュリア)
  • To Trigger: Happens automatically when you wake up in the morning about 2 seasons after you get the "Julia's Accident?" event.
  • Description: Eric comes to your houe to tell you that Julia's leaving for the hospital today. She's due to have the baby any day now! He asks you to go to see her off. You automatically agree and go down to the beach, where Dr. Trent, Julia, Masell, and Ferena are waiting. Julia says her goodbyes and tells Eric to help out with the shop, then she and the doctor board the ship. Eric, however, suddenly decides that he wants to go with them, so after getting Ferena and Masell's approval he also runs onto the ship. You won't be able to talk to Eric or Julia again until they return.

After Marriage Event 3: Welcome Back, Eric & Julia![edit]

  • Japanese: (おかえりエリク&ジュリア)
  • To Trigger: Automatically happens when you wake up in the morning about a season after Eric and Julia leave.
  • Description: Eric drops by your house to tell you that he and Julia are back. Julia gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom they named Kurun. He suggests that you go visit them someday soon! After this event, Kurun will always be in Masell's shop. Even though Kurun is just about a season old, she can already walk and talk. She seems to take after Eric. She really likes her father, but Kurun admits that her mother scares her just a little...

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]



In her house (6AM-noonish)


Loves: Eggs

Likes: Moondrop flowers