Joe (Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland)

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Joe's Photo
Japanese Name: シン (Shin)
Birthday: Summer 10
Residence: Carpenter's House
Family: Kurt (younger brother)
Favorite Gift: Medium Fish, Large Fish


Joe is very friendly and is easy to talk to. He loves fishing even though he isn't too good at it and dreams of being something more than a carpenter apprentice.

In-Game Profile[edit]

Age: 23 Height: 5'10" Weight: 159 lbs Likes: fishing, eating fish Dislikes: yogurt He is cheery, very friendly and sociable. Since he likes girls and he is always nice to them, he might appear to be a bit frivolous. He loves to fish but he's not too good at it.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

This game does not include any way to keep track of affection levels. Lines will be listed generally in order from what they say at the beginning of the game, to what they say as they get to know you better.

Description Line
Introduction "Hey, you don't look familiar. You can't possibly be here on vacation... Um... ...Oh, so you're that old farmer guy's grandson. You're here to collect his stuff? I'm Joe, by the way. I don't think we'll know each other for a long time, but nice to meet you."
Chopping Wood "Hey. You might've guessed, but making lumber's pretty hard work."
"Lumber can be used for the fireplace and to heat up water for the bath. But it doesn't get that cold in these parts."
"The Boss is actually really skillful."
"This town isn't very technologically advanced."
"I love watching burning wood. I like the smell of it too."
"Kurt often goes to deliver stuff to the villa in the forest."
"We can fix up your house if you've got a leaky roof."
"It's great here... I'm able to go fishing almost every day."
"The Boss is like a father to me... Sometimes he'll be nice and sometimes he'll be strict."
Fishing "Hey."
"Hey, you're here to fish?"
"I hope I catch a big one."
"Don't you love fishing? It's kinda relaxing."
"Fishing is like my only hobby."
"I love fishing, but I'm not really good at it."
"Even if I don't catch a lot of fish, I just like to sit here."

"Fishing in the early morning is good, and so is fishing in the evening. It's hard to see the lure at night, though."
"You know, I have a feeling that a boot factory is sunken at the bottom of this lake."
"Boots can put up quite a fight. Makes me think that there just might be a fish inside."

In the Bar "Hey! What' up?"
"My day isn't over until I come here."
"Kurt doesn't drink much."
"Bob can drink a lot. One time I played a drinking game with him, and oh boy, was that a mistake."
"By the way what kind of girls do you like?"
(Older Women, Tough girls, Younger girls, Shy girls, Smart girls)
(Tough girls) "Yeah, tough girls are cool. They generally turn out to be pretty sweet."
"...Huh? What kinds of girls do I like? I like all kinds of girls. Let's see... I like a girl who does a lot for others."
"But if every guy liked the same type, that could be a problem. Kurt and I like totally different types, thank goodness. I think he likes that mademoiselle at the villa... Oops. Don't tell anyone about it..."
In the cafe (Raining?) "Ahh...tea is great on rainy days."
"It'd be great if they had a full-course fish meal on the menu. ...I guess it's not possible."
Walking "You want something?"
"The day goes by so quickly when you sit around doing nothing. But it's alright to do that once in a while."
"Hey. You're full of energy, as usual."
Morning "Hey, good morning!"
"Good morning. Are you getting used to life here?"
"Eat a good breakfast. That's basic."


Description Line
Raining "I can't stand it when it just rains every day like that. It gets me in a bad mood. I'm pretty sensitive about these things, you know."
"Fishing's not great when it's raining."
Storming "What the heck are you doing out on a day like this??"
Dry season "During the dry season, it doesn't rain. The temperature goes up a bit, so it might be rough for the animals."
"The dry season is a time period when it doesn't rain."

Gift Lines[edit]

Description Line
Give Walnut "Hey, thanks."

Final Remarks[edit]

Characters will generally repeat this line until they move on to a new area.

Description Line
Day time "Yeah, later."
"Have a good rest."
"I'll see you later, <Player Name>."
Night time "Alright, good night."
"I know I should get to bed early, but I usually end up staying up late."
"Don't be wandering around so much."
(Storming?) "I hope it'll be nice out tomorrow."

Event Related[edit]

Characters will generally repeat this line until they move on to a new area.

Description Line
After you get a horse "Hey, Bob gave you a horse? He'd never let anyone take care of a horse unless he really trusted that person. He must like you a lot!"