Joe (Harvest Moon: Magical Melody)

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Joe's Photo
Japanese Name: シン (Shin)
Birthday: Summer 10
Family: Kurt (younger brother)
Favorite Gift: Turnip
Rival: Katie


If Joe isn't working as an apprentice for Woody, he's usually prowling around streams with a fishing rod.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Description Line
Zero Hearts "Hi! Both of us being beginners is rough, eh?"
One Heart "How's it going? Getting used to things? Go at your own pace."
Two Hearts "Other than when we have requests for additions, we really have no specific work."
Three Hearts "There's nothing more fun to do around here than fish! There are many good spots. So take a fishing rod and make a few casts!"
Four Hearts "It seems there's an unheard-of king in a lake somewhere in this village! Cool, huh? I'd like to try catching it."
Five Hearts "Kurt and I were raised together all along. Our preferences are total opposites. I love lively places but it seems he doesn't."
Six Hearts "It's surprisingly tough harvesting lumber. You can't gather much even if you cut branches and stumps. It might be good to plant trees whenever you cut them."
Seven Hearts "I really like gossip about love. It seems my taste in women is the total opposite of Kurt. I'm glad we didn't become rivals."
Eight Hearts "What's your type of man, <Player Name>? Someone who's good-looking? Or a kind and dependable type? I feel like I want to hear and yet I don't want to..."
Nine/Ten Hearts "I may not be your type, <Player Name>, but I...umm, well you know... You"


Description Line
Morning "Morning!"
Afternoon "Hi-ya!"
Evening "Evening!"
Farewell "See ya!"

Weather Lines[edit]

Description Line
Rainy "When it rains there’s no work. The fishing isn’t great, and I have too much time to kill."
Rainy (Low Hearts?) "Rainy days are so boring."

Miscellaneous Lines[edit]

Description Line
In the Cafe "I like girls like Katie who are straightforward!"
Beach Festival "Okay, here’s hoping that I catch a big one!"




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