Jocelyn (Rune Factory Tides of Destiny)

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Japanese Name: ジャスリン (Jasurin)
Voice Actors: JPN.gif: Fuko Saito
NTSC.gif: Michelle Ann Dunphy
Birthday: Fall 2
Residence: Offland Fenith
Family: Husband (Out of Town)
Two Children (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Golden Skull
Hated Gift(s): Tomato


Archaeologist and authenticator. Visits Fenith Island on Thursdays and Holidays. She's married with two children.

Jocelyn (ジャスリン, Jasurin) is an appraiser of mysterious items you found on your travels see can identify them for a price. She opens up her shop in the plaza area on Thursdays, and Holidays when it's not raining.

Events and Requirements[edit]



Preference Gift
Favorite Golden Skull
Like Lamps, Paintings, Pottery, Chairs
Hate Tomato
Note: Jocelyn has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]


  • In the Japanese release, the voice actress Fuko Saito did the voice for both Jocelyn and Masked Man.
  • In the North American release, the voice actress Michelle Ann Dunphy did the voice for both Jocelyn and Tabatha.