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This page is about Jake from Rune Factory 2. For other uses, see Jake (disambiguation).
Jake's Photo
Japanese Name: ジェイク (Jeiku)
Voiced By: JPN.gif 藤本 たかひろ (Takahiro Fujimoto)
Birthday: Summer 23
Residence: Eagle Inn
Family: Egan (Father)
Orland (Son, Gen.2)
Favorite Gifts: Bull Horn, Onion
Disliked Gift: Milk
Birthday Gift: Platinum

Jake (ジェイク, Jeiku) is a half-elf and the son of the town's innkeeper, Egan. He works as a blacksmith and is constantly training. He hates humans and will not be happy if you try to get to know him. But if you succeed in befriending him, he becomes much more civil towards you and refers to you by your name, instead the usual "human". He is in love with Cecilia, and will marry her on Summer 14, year 2 if you don't.

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Everyday Happy Angry Nervous Sad

Spoiler Below - Wedding Portrait (Still & Animated)

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Likes: Bull Horn, Onion, Spinach
Dislikes: Milk

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