Items List (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town)

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Non-Shippable Items[edit]

Animal Products[edit]

Mining Items[edit]

Special Items in Rucksack[edit]

These are Items you can obtain in game play, but you can't use them conventionally- they're not shippable and they can't be used as gifts.

Image Item Obtain By In-Game Description
Ann's Broken Music Box Receive from Ann after her Blue Heart event. A Music Box received from Ann. It’s broken, so it plays no music.
Elli's Pressed Flower Receive from Elli after her Blue Heart event. A pressed flower made by Elli. Quite pretty.
Karen's Wine Receive from Karen after her Blue Heart event. Wine received from Karen. The label has her name.
Mary's Great Book Receive from Mary after her Blue Heart event. A fabulous novel received from Mary.
Popuri's Mud Ball Receive from Popuri after her Blue Heart event. A ball of mud made by Popuri.

Special Items in House[edit]

Store Items[edit]


Animal Care Products[edit]