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Image Item Name Japanese Name Category Description Lvl/Effort Recipe Price Base Selling Price ☆ Origin
0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0
Achaar Achaar アチャール Salads Pickled vegetables that go well with curry. Spicy, but addicting. 3 / 4 2500 (Achaar's Recipe) 450 540 630 720 810 900 990 1080 1170 1260 Westown
Acqua Pazza Acqua Pazza アクアパッツァ Soup A soup made with fish and vegetables boiled in water. You can really taste the flavor of the fresh fish. 5.5 / 7 - ( ) 650 780 910 1040 1170 1300 1430 1560 1690 1820 Lulukoko


Image Item Name Japanese Name Description
Twig Twig やわらかい枝 Soft branches often found on the road. Chop them with an axe to make small lumber, which can be sold for a reasonable price.
Branch Branch かたい枝 Hard branches often found on the road. Chop them with an axe to make lumber, which can be sold for a reasonable price.
Black Branch Black Branch 黒い枝 Rare black branches sometimes found on the road. Chop them with an axe to make black lumber, which can be sold for a reasonable price.
Bamboo Bamboo A type of grass that grows into hard stalks with many uses.
Pine Branch Pine Branch マツの枝 A rough branch covered in prickly pine needles. It pokes you a little when you grab it.
Cherry Branch Cherry Branch サクラの枝 A branch that still has cherry blossoms on it. The delicate pink color soothes the heart.
Maidenhair Branch Maidenhair Branch イチョウの枝 A branch that still has fan-shaped ginkgo leaves on it. They turn stunning colors in the fall.
Maple Branch Maple Branch カエデ A branch obtained from a maple tree. You can't get maple syrup from it.
Small Lumber Small Lumber 小さな木材 Obtained by chopping a twig with an axe. Sells for a little more than the branches alone.
Lumber Lumber 木材 Obtained by chopping a branch with an axe. Sells for a little more than the branches alone.
Black Lumber Black Lumber 黒い木材 Obtained by chopping a black branch with an axe. More valuable than the branches alone.


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