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In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, there are many wild grasses, mushrooms and flowers that can be foraged. Some can be eaten, while others make great gifts for the townsfolk. Some of them can even be used to make hybrid crops. All items can be sold to Van for a profit. As there are no crops to be harvested early on in the game, foraging for edible foods is one of the only ways to regain energy lost by using the heavy equipment available in the first chapter.



Name Price Location Edible?
Goddess Drop 15G Waterfall; Vesta's farm No
Mugwort 15G Various locations Yes
Toy Flower 10G Spring; Nina's grave No


Name Price Location Edible?
Happy Lamp 15G Near Gustafa's hut No
Mist Moon 10G Spring; Nina's grave No
Royal Fern 15G Various locations Yes


Name Price Location Edible?
Bracken 15G Various locations Yes
Gemsoil 20G Dig site No
Hackberry 20G Various locations Yes
Matsutake 100G Vesta's farm Yes
Trick Blue 10G Swamp No
Trumpet 25G Spring Yes


Name Price Location Edible?
Amorous 10G Swamp No
Sorrel 20G Town Yes
Upseed 25G River No


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