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Iroha's Photo
Japanese Name: イロハ (Iroha)
Birthday: Winter 5
Residence: Blacksmith's
Family: Parents (Out of Town)
Three Brothers (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Fried Lotus Root


Iroha (イロハ, Iroha) is Echo Village's only blacksmith. She's very strong-willed and determined to be successful at her trade.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

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Wedding Wedding

Events and Requirements[edit]



Heart Lines[edit]

While Single (Not Married To Iroha):

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Everyday <Player>, are you interested in smithing? There's so much to it and it's fun, so if you're ever interested, please stop by the workshop.
Purple Everyday I love to play musical instruments. It's a nice change from training, and I often play the koto or shamisen.
Blue Everyday I'm still in training, so I still make lots of mistakes. I can't create anything I'm satisfied with.
Blue Happy But I'm going to open my own workshop someday. When I do, please be my customer.
Green Everyday I come from a family of blacksmiths. My grandfather, my parents, my three brothers...they're all blacksmiths.
Yellow Everyday Train every day. That is my motto and I believe that perseverance will always pay off.
Orange Everyday My family is strict about manners and etiquette. We practiced martial arts and the performing arts daily. It was so hard. I was often scolded as a child.
Orange Happy But the perseverance and understanding I gained serve me well now. Today, I'm grateful I went through it.
Red Happy When I chose this town for my training, I was worried whether I'd make it or not. But now, I'm glad I did. You are my precious support, <Player>. If you stay by me hereafter, you will be my tower of strength.

While Dating (Iroha):

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Sad <Player>... I have gone beyond anger to sheer exasperation.
White Troubled Why, you ask? Unless you figure it out yourself, it is meaningless.
Purple Sad Just what am I to you anyway? I'm getting more and more confused.
Blue Everyday You think that our love isn't mutual, <Player>? I think you're still dreaming.
Green Happy It seems the people of this town are watching over us. It's a bit embarrassing, but it means they've acknowledged our relationship. I'm very happy.
Yellow Everyday Since we began dating, <Player>, I've been able to curb my obstinacy.
Yellow Happy They say that lovers start to pick up each other's behaviors. I'm sure it's happening to me.
Orange Everyday <Player>, you're near my age, but you have a spectaular lively farm. I think it's admirable.
Orange Happy I'm going to devote myself too, so I hope we can do our best and support each other.
Red Happy Since I met you, <Player>, I've learned how precious it is to have someone who supports you.
Red Lovestruck I'm so happy I fell in love with you, <Player>, and that you are my one and only.

While Married (To Iroha):

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Sad What are you saying I should do? Please, just leave me alone.
Purple Angry Lately, I just don't know what's on your mind, <Player>.
Purple Troubled Was I the only one believing that we were in love? I just don't understand anymore.
Blue Sad Lately, I've been feeling anxious for no good reason. I feel as though you are going far away, <Player>.
Green Everyday When I lived alone, I would get up around dawn, but lately, I've been waking up later.
Green Happy You look so comfortable when you're asleep, <Player>, that I don't feel like getting up.
Yellow Happy We may have married, but I haven't given up my dream to have a workshop. I will continue to train.
Orange Happy When I'm with you, <Player>, I always feel like breaking out into a smile. Every day is so peaceful.
Red Happy I'm a lucky woman to have found such a wonderful husband who has shown me the joy of love.
Red Lovestruck Thank you, <Player>, for making me your wife and letting me stay by you.

Everyday Dialogue[edit]



  • Iroha is musically inclined. She plays the koto, a stringed musical instrument[1] and the shamisen[2], a three-stringed musical instrument. Both instruments originate from Japan.
  • Iroha comes from a line of blacksmiths.
  • Iroha practiced both martial arts and performing arts as a child, due to her family being strict regarding manners and etiquette. She was often scolded as a child for making errors.



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