Iris Blanche and Iris Noire (Rune Factory Frontier)

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Iris Blanche and Iris Noire
Iris Blanche and Iris Noire's Photo
Japanese Name: 白いエリス (Shiroi Erisu)
黒いエリス (Kuroi Erisu)
Birthday: Winter 23
Residence: Whale Island
Sunshine Inn
Family: Each Another
Favorite Gift: Tomato Juice (Mixer: tomato)


They have the power to communicate with the spirits through song. No one knows why they look the same, have the same name, and also have the same powers.[1]

Iris Blanche (白いエリス, Shiroi Erisu) and Iris Noire (黒いエリス, Kuroi Erisu) have the ability to communicate in a special way through the power of song. They have the same name and powers, as well as likes and dislikes.


Grow Moondrop Flowers on the small field in front of her tower on Whale Island (Rosetta must have told you about growing them)

How to Raise LP[edit]

Iris Blanche's Events[edit]

Constellation Event[edit]

  • White: Cetus (After you've finished main story line. 15-16 every season Full moon Midnight)
  • Best time for event: Everyday 5 PM (after she lives at village)

Iris Noire's Events[edit]

Constellation Event[edit]

  • Scorpio (After you've finished main story line. 1 and 30 every season, New Moon Midnight)
  • Best time for event: Everyday 5 PM (after she lives at village)

Iris Blanche & Iris Noire's Heart Events[edit]

Difficulty level: Hard

  • After you defeat the final boss, speak to Rita
  • Go visit the girls in their tower on Whale Island
  • Talk to Rita again, then return to the tower and talk to Iris Blanche and Noire again. They will now live in Trampoli.
  • After both their LP has reached ten and they've been living in Trampoli for more than two weeks, talk to Eunice.
  • Speak with Lara
  • A day later, talk to Lara on the second floor of the inn
  • Wait a day, then talk to Lara again
  • After a week, talk to Selphy and she'll tell you about a new book
  • Find the book in the Rune Archives and try reading it
  • Talk to Kanno
  • Talk to both Irises to receive a set of rings. Show both rings to every villager to receive their blessings.
  • After you've completed this, talk to Kanno then to either Iris at nightfall.

Tips & Tricks[edit]

  • You can only interact with Iris Blanche and Iris Noire from 6PM-9AM because they sleep at daylight. It is suggested you to not make both of them have 10LP with you if you don't intend to marry one of them.
  • The Irises are very hard to reach, as they live on Whale Island. You may want to wait until having them move into town before really starting to woo either of them.
  • However, if you've been diligent enough to get Iris Blanche's LP to 4 or above before getting to Basement floor 3 of the snow ruins, you will be able to skip a potentially difficult boss fight.
  • Remember that no matter where these two live or if they are married to you or not, they will always be asleep during the daytime and awaken at 6 pm.
  • Flowers and Tomato Juice are the best gifts for these two, but remember to NEVER give them garlic.
  • Remember that they have a very special bond with each other and that if you decide to marry either of them, the other one is going to disappear forever. Don't get them to 10 LP if you want to avoid this situation.


Dialogue and Scripts[edit]


I have a favor to ask.[edit]

I am completely out of bread crumbs, which I use for painting. If you have any with you, could you share some bread with me?

Once again...[edit]

I have finished moving in and begun to settle in, so I thought perhaps I should send out a greeting. Rita, Turner, and Eunice are all very nice, and I am very excited to begin a new chapter in my life. I'll be working at the tavern at night, so come visit anytime.


Turner had a little too much to drink the other day and broke some plates. Well, maybe I should say he broke all the plates on his table. Rita was, of course, very upset, and chased Turner out of the Tavern. I felt a little sorry for him, but I guess this shows that drinking too much is never a good idea.

Thank you![edit]

Thank you for the bread. It was wonderful. Oh, I'm about to finish a new painting, so please take a look at it once it's finished.


Favorite Gift: Tomato juice (Mixer: tomato)

Likes: Flowers

Dislikes: Garlic



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