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The criteria for our images [1] are below.

  • We want the best quality images we can have, however, if the images are scans from Bokumono memorabilia that someone else obtained, please get permission from that person before uploading them to the wiki.
  • Try to upload the best quality images, and resize them using wiki code on pages so they aren't disproportionate.
  • All images for characters are the full-art of their character. Avatar galleries are on most pages for their in-game character expressions.

Naming Your File[edit]

We have formatting for each file we upload, so it's easier to figure out what file names are.

For the Boxes of Games[edit]

If you upload a Box Front, it would be the following: Box_INSERT_NAME_OF_GAME_Front. Consequently, naming the back of a box would be Box_INSERT_NAME_OF_GAME_Back. If it is the Japanese version of the box for the game, put _Japan after the end of the file name.

For Character Images[edit]

If you copy the template for pages, make sure you change the file name on the character image. The format is the following:

File:Ch_CHARACTERNAME_(GAME CATEGORY).jpg or File:Ch_CHARACTERNAME_(GAME CATEGORY).png. Currently, we only allow one main character image, and put the rest under the character's image gallery.

Avatar Galleries[edit]

A special part of most Bokumono games is the character expressions. To name these files, you can follow this format:

GAMENAME_CHARACTERNAME_DESCRIPTIONOFEXPRESSION.png. For example, a picture of Carter's everyday expression from Harvest Moon: DS would be HarvestMoonDS_Carter_Normal.png. 


There's a few ways you can upload a picture to this wiki. You can type the name of the file directly on the page, then save and click the link - it will take you to an upload screen for that image. (Make sure you upload an image with the correct file extension listed on the page you navigated from, such as .jpg or .png, otherwise this won't work.)

You can also manually upload all your images and then link back to them by using the upload file on the left side navigation. This may be quicker in the case of gallery images.


We don't have an exact format for gallery images [2], as long as you include the game title and best description of the art work you're linking to. Try to use galleries as often as possible for many images, as it makes it easier for mobile users to navigate the wiki.

Encountering an Error[edit]

If you upload a picture, and the link is correct as well as the file extension but it won't show up on the page you want it to appear on, there's a few simple fixes you can try before changing the link and uploading it again.

  • Try editing and saving the page again, sometimes the image will appear then.
  • If all else fails, rename the file on the page, and upload it to that file extension.