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This page is about Illuminata from Rune Factory 4. For other uses, see Illuminata (disambiguation).
Illuminata's Photo
Japanese Name: エルミナータ (Eruminaata)
Voiced By: Japan 斉藤 佑佳 (Yuka Saitou)
North America Unknown
Birthday: Spring 23
Residence: Carnation Flowers
Favorite Gift: Relax Tea
Hated Gift: Pickles

It's her, The Great Detective! …or so she claims. Illuminata runs the flower shop alongside Amber, whom she refers to as her "trusty assistant". She is always on the hunt for a new mystery even in places where there's nothing to be found, which often leads to more trouble than it's worth. [1]

Illuminata, self-titled the Great Detective, is an elven florist and owner of the flower shop Carnation's. A big mystery buff in a town that has little to no mysteries, she fully immerses herself into her detective persona and jumps at the chance to investigate even the most mundane questions. The amount of knowledge she has on detective work seems shallow at the least, fantastical at best, and her rash, jumping-to-conclusion tendencies certainly work against her favor. She seems to have fun doing it though, which is really all that matters to her, anyway.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

RF4 Illuminata Face No-No.png RF4 Illuminata Face Sm-Sm.png RF4 Illuminata Face An-An.png RF4 Illuminata Face Cr-Cr.png RF4 Illuminata Face Sh-Sh.png RF4 Illuminata Face Su-Su.png RF4 Illuminata Face Sp-An-An.png RF4 Illuminata Face Sp-No-Sm.png

Events and Requirements[edit]

Florist by Day, Sleuth by Night![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Illuminata, Amber, Xiao Pai, Nancy
  • Description:

It's a Mystery![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Illuminata, Forte, Kiel, Bado
  • Description:

Thoughts Lost in the Lake[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Margaret, Illuminata
  • Description:

A Part-Time Job![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Kiel, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Doug, Illuminata
  • Description:

Introducing Amber Watson[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Kiel, Bado, Arthur, Illuminata
  • Description:

A Porco and An Elf[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Porcoline, Illuminata, Margaret
  • Description:


  • Location:
  • Participants: Everyone
  • Description:


  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Illuminata, Forte, Kiel
  • Description:



Preference Gift
Love Relax Tea ᆞ Relax Tea Leaves
Like Toyherb ᆞ Ultra Toyherb ᆞ Moondrop Flower ᆞ Ultra Moondrop Flower ᆞ Pink Cat ᆞ King Pink Cat ᆞ Charm Blue ᆞ Great Charm Blue ᆞ Cherry Grass ᆞ King Cherry Grass ᆞ Lamp Grass ᆞ Kaiser Lamp Grass ᆞ Blue Crystal ᆞ Big Blue Crystal ᆞ Green Crystal ᆞ Big Green Crystal ᆞ Red Crystal ᆞ Big Red Crystal ᆞ White Crystal ᆞ Big White Crystal ᆞ Fireflower ᆞ Big Fireflower ᆞ Autumn Grass ᆞ Big Autumn Grass ᆞ Noel Grass ᆞ Large Noel Grass ᆞ Dumplings ᆞ Pound Cake ᆞ Baked Apple ᆞ Donut ᆞ Hot Chocolate ᆞ Yam ᆞ Cookie ᆞ Chocolate Cookie ᆞ Flan ᆞ Pumpkin Flan ᆞ Ice Cream ᆞ Chocolate Sponge ᆞ Chocolate ᆞ French Toast ᆞ Strawberry Jam ᆞ Apple Jam ᆞ Grape Jam ᆞ Orange Marmalade ᆞ Honey ᆞ Cake ᆞ Chocolate Cake ᆞ Cheesecake ᆞ Apple Pie ᆞ Pancakes ᆞ Bread ᆞ Toast ᆞ French Toast ᆞ Grape Bread ᆞ Curry Bread ᆞ Jam Bread ᆞ Butter Roll ᆞ Steamed Bread ᆞ Cheese Bread ᆞ Candied Yam
Dislike Pickled Turnip ᆞ Turnip ᆞ Pickle Mix ᆞ Can ᆞ Rare Can ᆞ Boot ᆞ Scrap Iron ᆞ Weed ᆞ Withered Grass ᆞ Failed Dish ᆞ Disastrous Dish ᆞ Stone ᆞ Branch ᆞ Object X
Hate Pickles
Any gift not listed is neutral. [2]




  • Illuminata's namesake comes from the italian word for "enlightened" or "illuminated".[3]
  • Illuminata may have originally been a marriage candidate, as she is the only villager who also has a swimsuit and pajama outfit.



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