Hiro (Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns)

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Hiro's Photo
Japanese Name: チヒロ (Chihiro)
Birthday: Winter 5
Favorite Gift(s):
Rival: Reina


Hiro (チヒロ, Chihiro) is a guy that gives his best to fulfill his dream to become a good doctor. He can be an air-head sometimes, but other people also love this side of him. Especially older people succumb to his cuteness. He works together with Ayame.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Description Line
Introduction "Oh, hello! My name is Hiro. I'm pleased to meet you. I am studying to be a doctor under Dr. Ayame. I trust I'll be seeing you around."
Morning "Good morning, <player>. Are you exercising daily? ...Oh, there I go acting like a doctor again!"
"Good morning, <player>. Did you sleep well?"
"Good morning, <player>. Did you have a hearty breakfast this morning?"
Afternoon "Good day to you, <player>. How is your work going these days?"
"Good day to you, <player>. Are you eating a hearty breakfast every morning?"
"Oh, hello, <player>. Good day to you. How are you feeling?"
Night "Good evening, <player>. Another hard day's work done?"
"Good evening, <player>. What are you doing out at this late hour?"
"Oh, <player>, good day to you. My, the hour is late! The day flew by!"
By the river "It is nice to take walks. Just around the village, I mean..."
Low Health "You look a bit ill, <player>. You should get some rest."

Flower Lines[edit]

Description Line
White Flower "It is important to eat nutritious foods to replenish your strength!"
"One day, I will be a full-fledged doctor... But when, I wonder?"
"I know you work hard, but don't overdo it."
"Everyone in Konohana is generally in good health, so I have a lot of free time. I like to use that time to study medical books. Medicine is so interesting!"


Description Line
Neutral gift "You're giving this to me? Thank you ever so much."


Description Line
Typhoon "You mustn't go out on a stormy day like today!"


Description Line
Crop Festival (Lost) "What a pity that you lost. I was certain that you would take first place. You must try again next time."
Fish Contest (Lost) "What a pity that you lost. Such is the way of things. Better luck next time!"

Cooking Festival[edit]

Description Line
Lose "What a pity that we lost. I felt that your cooking was excellent."
Win "Congratulations. Where did you master such skill in cooking? You must teach me!"
"Congratulations, <player>!! Just what I'd expect of you. The food you prepared looked delicious."
Afterwards "Today's cooking festival was enjoyable, wasn't it? Your cooking was superb!"


Ayame's Diary[edit]

So? You want to know about Hiro, my apprentice? So you must like sweet boys. He does bring out those protective instincts... In my case, it makes me want to tease him mercilessly!♥ He has Fridays off, so try talking to him on Friday afternoons or evenings... Or on Monday or Sunday nights when he's done with work. He loves talking to people, so I'm sure he'll invite you to hang out if you're friendly. Oh, if you want to become friends with him, try giving him something sweet! He doesn't like all sweet things, but he does seem to like most of them. And that's all I can tell you... The rest is up to you! Good luck!