Hayden (Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility)

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Header iconmini treeoftranquility hayden.png Hayden
Hayden's Photo
Japanese Name: ハーバー(Haabaa)
Birthday: Spring 21th
Residence: Sundae Inn
Family: Kathy (Daughter)
Favorite Gift: Cocktails, Pizza



"A barkeeper working at the Sundae Inn. Tough, silent type, but is a gentleman who loves kids. Works hard with his daughter, Kathy." - Hayden's Town Hall Resident Card

Resident Card[edit]

(HM Tree of Tranquility) resident card hayden.png



Header iconmini treeoftranquility townietalk.png Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Line Description Line
No Hearts N/A
One Heart N/A
Two Hearts N/A
Three Hearts N/A
Four Hearts N/A
Five Hearts N/A
Six Hearts N/A
Seven Hearts N/A
Eight Hearts N/A
Nine Hearts N/A
Ten Hearts N/A

Gift Lines[edit]

Line Description Line
Neutral Gift N/A
Liked Gift N/A
Loved Gift N/A
Loved Birthday Gift N/A
Too Many Gifts N/A
Disliked Gift N/A