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Harvest Moon: GB
Harvest Moon: GB Box Front
Harvest Moon: GB Box Back
Japanese Title: 牧場物語GB (Bokujou Monogatari GB)
Translation: Ranch Story GB
Developer(s): Victor Interactive Software
Publisher(s): Natsume Co., Ltd
Platform(s): Game Boy Color
Release Dates: JPN.gif: December 19th, 1997
NTSC.gif: December 31st, 1998
PAL.gif: 1999
Player(s): 1
Online: No
Rating(s): E (Everyone)
Media(s): Cartridge


Harvest Moon GB is the second installment in the Harvest Moon series. It was released for Gameboy in 1997. Later on, a Gameboy Colour version was made. The Gameboy Colour version was re-released for 3DS on the 3DS virtual console in 2013.

One night, the protagonist is visited by the spirit of their deceased grandfather in their dream. He requests that they take over his neglected farm for him and to become Ranch Master. At the end of each year he visits again to evaluate the farm's success, and depending on how much you have progressed, rewards are given. However, if you fail to build the farm, a Game Over screen appears instead.


  • Simplified, pocket-sized farming experience
  • Grow and harvest crops
  • Raise cows and chickens
  • Own a dog or a cat, and a horse
  • Participate in festivals
  • Timer Mode: have the Harvest Sprites work on your farm while the Gameboy is off (GBC version only)
  • Ranch Center: Trade and barter goods with other players

Innovations to the series[edit]

  • Play as either male or female
  • Choose the difficulty (determined by gender)
  • Keep the farm running even when the Gameboy is turned off
  • Trading and communication with other players


  • Despite it's simplistic formula, the game is still rather addictive up to the point of where you've completed all you can do on the farm.

Characters introduced in this game[edit]


  • The gender you choose affects the difficulty of the game. If you play as a male, hurricanes can damage your fence, and it takes longer to get the sprinkler and the saddlebags. However, if you play as a female, hurricanes don't affect your fence, and you get the sprinkler and saddlebags earlier.

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