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Harvest Moon: 3 GBC
Harvest Moon: 3 GBC Box Front
File:250px-Box Harvest Moon 3GBC Back.png
Harvest Moon: 3 GBC Box Back
Japanese Title: 牧場物語GB3 ボーイ・ミーツ・ガール (Bokujou Monogatari GB3 Booi Miitsu Gaaru)
Translation: Ranch Story GB3 Boy Meets Girl
Developer(s): Victor Interactive Software
Publisher(s): Natsume Co., Ltd
Platform(s): Game Boy Color
Release Dates: JPN.gif: September 29, 2000
NTSC.gif: November 14, 2001
PAL.gif: N/A
Player(s): 1
Online: No
Rating(s): E (Everyone)
Media(s): Cartridge


The third game of the Gameboy Harvest Moon series, following Harvest Moon GBC 1 and 2. In this version, you have the choice of playing as a boy or girl. Depending on the gender of the character you pick will alter which beginning and ending of the game. The boy, Pete, is a successful rancher who lives on the farm from Harvest Moon GBC 2, who is then asked by the mayor to travel to an island and help a girl that is trying to run her father's farm. The girl, Sara's beginning shows her trying to save Harry's farm by taking it over. She then meets Pete and the Harvest Moon journey begins. A good game for all Harvest Moon fans, especially to those who played Harvest Moon GBC 1 and 2.



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