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Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon Box Front North America
Harvest Moon Box Back North America
Harvest Moon Box Japan
Japanese Title: 牧場物語 (Bokujou Monogatari)
Translation: Ranch Story
Producer: 和田 康弘 (Yasuhiro Wada)
Publishers: Japan PACK-IN-VIDEO CO., LTD.
North America Natsume Inc.
Europe Australia Nintendo Co., Ltd
Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System,
Wii (Virtual Console),
Wii U (Virtual Console)
Release Dates: SNES
Japan August 6, 1996
North America March 1, 1997
Europe January 29, 1998
Australia 1998
Wii Virtual Console
Europe Australia January 4, 2008
North America February 11, 2008
Wii U Virtual Console
North America August 1, 2013
Europe Australia August 1, 2013
Players: 1
Online: No
Ratings: North America ESRB: E
Europe PEGI: 3
Germany USK: 0
Australia ACB: G
Media: SNES
Japan North America Europe Cartridge
Wii/Wii U
North America Europe Digital Download


Harvest Moon (牧場物語) for the Super Nintendo was the launch of the Harvest Moon series. During its time of release the graphics, music, and game as a whole were rather impressive for it's time. Any Harvest Moon fan should know the series roots, and this game is worth the play.

The protagonist moves to an old, dilapidated farm to rebuild it. His parents hate to let him go, but he made the choice to move to the country and be a farmer. As the player, you become free to grow crops, raise animals, woo the ladies, explore and whatever else that the game offers. There's only two and a half years filled with short days to re-establish the farm and marry one of the five eligible bachelorettes. The aim is to manage all of these things by working off a schedule and become a successful farmer.


  • Crops and Animals introduced
  • Festivals
  • Marriage & Children
  • Sprinkler
  • Twenty different endings

Innovations to the series[edit]

  • Animals
  • Events
  • Farming
  • Festivals
  • Home Upgrades
  • Marriage
  • Power Berries
  • Tools
  • Upgrading Tools
  • Weather

Characters introduced in this game[edit]

  1. Nina
  2. Ann
  3. Eve
  4. Ellen
  5. Maria
  6. Adam*
  7. Dad
  8. Hank*
  9. Liz*
  10. Michael*
  11. Mom

Several characters were not named until later in the series in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. Some still remain unnamed.


  • Time stops at a certain point at night, so it's possible to work as long as you like.
  • Jumping in and out of the hot spring about 5 or so times regains your stamina.

At a Glance[edit]

200px-SNESScreenshot1.jpg 200px-SNESScreenshot2.jpg 200px-SNESScreenshot3.jpg 200px-SNESScreenshot4.jpg 200px-SNESSceenshot5.jpg

External Links[edit]

Official Japanese Website


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