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Header iconmini SOSFOMT Harvest Goddess.png Harvest Goddess
This page is about Harvest Goddess from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Harvest Goddess (disambiguation).
Harvest Goddess's Photo

Japanese Name: 女神さま (Megami-sama)
Birthday: Spring 8
Alt. Birthday:

Spring 9
Residence: Goddess Spring
Family: Nature Sprites
Favorite Gifts: Pineapple, Strawberries

"The local guardian deity. To summon her, simply toss an offering into her spring."[1]

The Harvest Goddess (女神さま, Megami-sama) is a divine being that lives in another realm. She is summoned to a multitude of different worlds through Goddess Spring portals, one of which is located near the Hot Spring and Spring Mine. The Goddess watches over Mineral Town and the land in which it rests, protecting nature and accepting offerings from those who worship her.

She loves her followers equally - as long as they're giving her things she likes. Despite everyone's ideas of what the Goddess must seem like, she's actually pretty haughty. The Goddess can be a bit of a flake from time to time, but she means well...hopefully!

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Everyday Happy Blushing Angry Sad Concerned

Spoiler Below - Wedding Portrait


Events and Requirements[edit]

A Heavenly Introduction
Location Goddess Spring

Pan-paka-pan! You threw an offering into the spring and that summoned your one and only Goddess! If you continue offering the Goddess presents, maybe something good will happen? It doesn't hurt to try... Toodles!

  • Triggered by offering 1 liked/loved items to the Goddess

Power Berry
An Investment's Return
Location Goddess Spring

Pan-paka-pan! Thanks for allllll those wonderful offerings! Goddess made a promise that she'd reward you for giving her offerings, and she's here to make good on that. Have a Power Berry for being so kind!

  • Triggered by offering 10 liked/loved items to the Goddess
  • Player receives a Power Berry

A Rare Gift
Location Goddess Spring

Pan-paka-pan! Oh? You've been visiting a lot recently. Perhaps it's time to do something a little nicer for a new devotee. Is there anyone that you like? Answering "Yes" will bring up a list of all the candidates you have met. If you choose anyone but Kappa/Harvest Goddess, the Goddess will grant a small boost to their Friendship and Love Points. Choosing Kappa or the Goddess will earn you a gift of Relaxing Tea Leaves from the deity. (Goddess is especially happy if you pick her.)

Images Crush Event Crush Event
  • Triggered by offering 20 liked/loved items to the Goddess
  • Choosing Kappa and Harvest Goddess are part of their requirements for marriage. This is a one-time only event, so you must pick them at this time if you plan to marry either of them.
  • If you're not interested in anyone you can say no, but you won't receive anything for doing so.

Rare Gift Event A Rare Gift
Location Goddess Spring

Pan-paka-pan! Wow, you've been visiting the Goddess so much! How nice of you. She gives you the rare White Grass in appreciation.

  • Triggered by offering 30 liked/loved items to the Goddess
  • The first time this event is triggered, Van is unlocked and will arrive in Mineral Town the following Wednesday.
  • This event repeats every so often, when you've offered enough gifts.

The Goddess's Collection
Location Goddess Spring

Pan-paka-pan! Thanks to your offerings, the Goddess has built up a small collection of home-cooked meals. This is quite entertaining for her, and she rewards you with Relaxing Tea Leaves. Come by again with more food!

  • Triggered by offering 27 different cooked meals to the Goddess
  • This event can be triggered 4 times (27 offerings per event), until the Goddess Collection is completed with 108 meals.

Spring Mine Milestones
Location Spring Mine
Floors 100, 200, 255
  • The Goddess will call out to you after reaching certain floors of the mine. When you reach floors 100, 200, and 255, she will appear in a vision and congratulate your progress.
  • Be careful, as the screen flashes before she appears.

Sosfomt items goddess treasure.png The Goddess' Treasure
Location Spring Mine
Floors 60F, 102F, 123F, 152F, 155F, 171F, 190F, 202F, 222F
  • The Goddess has 9 Goddess Jewels spread throughout the Spring Mine.
  • Collecting these Jewels will allow players to obtain the Goddess's Treasure, an item that restores stamina much like the Hot Springs, when held.
  • The floors which house the Jewels are as follows: 60F, 102F, 123F, 152F, 155F, 171F, 190F, 202F, and 222F.
Be careful, as the screen flashes before she appears. Take note of how the Goddess Treasure affects the Stamina Bar with its regenerative attributes!

(Story of Seasons FoMT) goddess weddingceremony.png Marriage
Location Church
  • Have the largest upgrade House
  • Own the Big Bed
  • Catch every fish and acquire the Fishing Master Achievement
  • Ship every type of item and acquire the "Impressed Zack" Achievement
  • Collect all items and visit all floors of the Spring and Winter Mines
  • Collect the Goddess Jewels and receive the Goddess Treasure
  • Max out Friendship and Love Points with Harvest Goddess
  • You must have told the Harvest Goddess that you liked her during the "Who Do You Like?" event
  • Confess to Carter that you intend to marry the Goddess, AFTER completing all other requirements
  • Offer the Blue Feather to the Goddess Spring after all the requirements above are met


Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Gift Dialogue[edit]

Gift Portrait Line
Loved Gift
Liked Gift
Neutral Gift
Disliked Gift
Hated Gift

Gift Portrait Line
Loved Gift これ、とっても好きなものなのよー。ありがとー。じゃねー。
Liked Gift これ、わりと好きなものなのよー。ありがとー。じゃねー。
Neutral Gift これ、好きでも嫌いでもないものなのよー。ありがとー。じゃねー。
Disliked Gift これ、わりと嫌いなものなのよー。ありがとー。じゃねー。
Hated Gift これ、とっても嫌いなものなのよー。ありがとー。じゃねー。


6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 24:00
Everyday Goddess Spring
Key: Inside (Locked) Inside (Home) In Town Outdoors Unavailable
6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 24:00
Everyday Goddess Spring
Key: Inside (Locked) Inside (Home) In Town Outdoors Unavailable


Preference Gift
(+9 FP)
(+500 LP)
Pineapple ・ Strawberries
(+3 FP)
(+300 LP)
Adzuki Beans ・ Blue Magic Red Flower ・ Cabbage ・ Carrot ・ Chestnut ・ Chestnut Rice ・ Chili Peppers ・ Coffee Milk (any quality) ・ Corn ・ Cucumber ・ Dorayaki ・ Eggplant ・ Eggs Benedict ・ Excellent Egg ・ Fruit Milk (any quality) ・ Golden Egg ・ Good Egg ・ Green Pepper ・ Mashed Potatoes ・ Milk (any quality) ・ Mont Blanc ・ Moondrop Flower ・ Oden ・ Onion ・ Palbochae ・ Pepper Steak ・ Pink Cat Flower ・ Platinum Egg ・ Pot-au-Feu ・ Potato ・ Pumpkin ・ Pumpkin Potage ・ Quiche ・ Regular Egg ・ Relax Tea Leaves ・ Roasted Chestnuts ・ Spicy Margherita ・ Spicy Pepper Steak ・ Spicy Ramen ・ Spicy Sandwich ・ Spicy Vegetable Stir Fry ・ Spinach ・ Strawberry Cake ・ Strawberry Milk (any quality) ・ Sunsweet Flower ・ Tomato ・ Toy Flower ・ True Magic Red Flower ・ Turnip ・ Vegetable Pizza ・ X Egg ・ Yam
(-3 FP)
(-500 LP)
Adamantite ・ Agate ・ Alexandrite ・ Amethyst ・ Aquamarine ・ Ball ・ Bracelet ・ Branch ・ Brooch ・ Chicken/Rabbit Feed ・ Copper ・ Diamond ・ Dress ・ Earrings ・ Emerald ・ Face Pack ・ Fluorite ・ Fodder ・ Garnet ・ Gold ・ Jade ・ Letter in a Bottle ・ Lotion ・ Lumber ・ Material Stone ・ Mithril ・ Moonstone ・ Mythic Ore ・ Necklace ・ Orichalcum ・ Perfume ・ Peridot ・ Pink Diamond ・ Poison Mushroom ・ Ruby ・ Sandrose ・ Sapphire ・ Scrap Ore ・ Silver ・ Stone ・ Sunblock ・ Tomatosetta Stone ・ Topaz ・ Turquoise ・ Weed
(-9 FP)
(-800 LP)
Ancient Fossil ・ Boot ・ Empty Can ・ Fishbone ・ Golden Lumber ・ Pirate Treasure
Harvest Goddess has neutral feelings (+1 FP, +100 LP) about all gifts not listed here.



Resident Cards[edit]


All information not credited to persons on this page or below are referenced from the official guide.[2]

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