Harvest Goddess (Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility)

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Header iconmini treeoftranquility goddess.png Harvest Goddess
This page is about Harvest Goddess from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. For other uses, see Harvest Goddess (disambiguation).
Harvest Goddess' Photo
Japanese Name: 女神さま (Megami-sama)
Residence: Goddess Spring
Family: Harvest Sprites


The Harvest Goddess is a kind and merciful guardian, ever watching over the island and its residents. She loves everyone and everything equally, and possesses a big heart that forgives humanity's errors. She's invested in the hero's well-being and genuinely wishes the best for them.


The hero's first meeting with the Goddess is through a prophetic dream, where she fails to communicate her plea for help to the new rancher who arrives on the island. As the hero progresses, she is able to contact them through more visions and half-relayed messages. The Goddess has been trapped in the sky realms for a long time since the previous Mother Tree died. The death of the Mother Tree caused the Harvest Sprites to lose their power and become unable to maintain the rainbow bridges that allowed the Harvest Goddess to come down to the island. Because of this, not only has the island been slowly wasting away, but the Goddess's life force has also been diminishing. The Goddess asks the hero to restore the rainbows, Mother Tree, and life to the island. In doing so, not only do you save the island, but the Goddess herself.

(HM Tree of Tranquility) Goddess 1.png(HM Tree of Tranquility) Goddess 2.png(HM Tree of Tranquility) Goddess 3.png

Even when the main story ends, the Goddess still has another role for those who opt to have children in Tree of Tranquility. The Goddess serves as a guide for Your Child during the New Game+ story arc, should you choose to pursue that path. Initially, she asks for your help with saving another dying island. However, since you have already saved Waffle Island, it is decided that Your Child should go in your stead. She will watch over Your Child as they accept the Journey Rucksack and become the savior of the next dying island.

(HM Tree of Tranquility) Goddess Journey 1.png(HM Tree of Tranquility) Goddess Journey 2.png(HM Tree of Tranquility) Goddess Journey 3.png


After you restore the Mother Tree, the Harvest Goddess will always remain at the Goddess Pond. She has no varying schedule.

Header iconmini treeoftranquility townietalk.png Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

The Goddess can only be spoken to after you have completed all the rainbows and restored the Mother Tree. She is not counted as a friend in the friend list, nor can you acquire friend points with her. Thus, her dialogue is based on the time of day, weather, season, and your overall progression. She cannot be given gifts and has no corresponding gift dialogue.


Line Description Line
Greeting Good morning.
Greeting Good afternoon.
Greeting Good evening.
Free Talk You seem to be trying very hard.
Free Talk You're doing a wonderful job.
Free Talk How are things? Is your work progressing?
Free Talk I'm so happy to be near everyone again.
Free Talk I would be pleased if you would come and talk with me from time to time. It's not that I get lonely, but sometimes I miss conversation.
Free Talk When I came to know myself, I was in this forest. That was very, very long ago.
Free Talk I love this island because it shows me the beauty of the four seasons.
Free Talk The Harvest Sprites are like family to me. I hope that we can always live in peace like this.
Free Talk They say that sorrow and hardships are necessary, but it's my hope everyone has more joy than sorrow in them.
Free Talk We don't marry as mortals do. I love mortals and animals and flowers all equally. I want them all to be happy.
Free Talk There have been Goddesses who fell in love with and married mortals, but I don't know how they accomplished it.
Sunny Weather It's a lovely day, such a clear sky. There's not a cloud in the sky.
Overcast Weather When the weather is like this, people seem a bit subdued.
Rainy Weather The scenery looks lovely even in the rain.
Thunderstorm The sound of thunder is quite shocking.
Typhoon It's dangerous to go out on days like this.
Snowy Weather The scenery looks beautiful even when it snows.
Spring So many flowers bloom in spring, it makes the heart sing.
Spring When it's hot like this, the plants look so limp and thirsty.
Summer The sun has gotten quite strong.
Summer The plants are so green, and make such cool shadows.
Fall The fields and mountains have begun to change color.
Fall The fall sky is so clear and so pretty.
Winter It's gotten quite cold.
Winter Make sure you don't catch a cold.
New Years' Eve Many things have happened this year.
If shown the Blue Feather Give that to the one you love.


  • The Harvest Goddess was not born or created. She only remembers "being" and has existed for a long time.
  • The Goddess's true name is Sephia, but the name was not added until the release of Animal Parade.