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Header iconmini HMFoMT Harris.png Harris
This page is about Harris from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Harris (disambiguation).
Harris' Photo
Japanese Name: ハリス (Harisu)
Birthday: Summer 4
Residence: Mayor's House
Family: Thomas (Father)
Favorite Gift:


The friendly policeman, Harris (ハリス, Harisu), is the only policeman for the entirety of Mineral Town. Though, due to an almost nonexistent crime rate in the town, Harris' police work is mostly limited to daily patrols. He's the son of Mayor Thomas. Regardless of where you talk to him, his banter is always lively and he enjoys checking in with you.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Full dialogue is found in the collapsible table below.

Avatar Event Line
Dlg-hm-fomt harris everyday.png First Meeting Hello, there! You must be <Player's Name>. My name's Harris, and I'm the constable of this town. It's very safe and peaceful here, so you've nothing to worry about!
Dlg-hm-fomt harris everyday.png Spring
Has anything been troubling you, <Player's Name>?
Dlg-hm-fomt harris sad.png Spring
This is such a peaceful town...
Dlg-hm-fomt harris everyday.png Spring
Outside House
I’m almost done for the day! There’s nothing better than an uneventful day on the beat!
Dlg-hm-fomt harris everyday.png Spring
Outside House
You get home now, too, <Player's Name>. Wild dogs come out at night.
Dlg-hm-fomt harris everyday.png Midday
In Inn
Are you taking the day off too, <Player's Name>? Everybody needs a break now and then!
Dlg-hm-fomt harris everyday.png Midday
In Inn
It’s OK. Everybody knows I’m here around this time.
Dlg-hm-fomt harris everyday.png Raining
It’s raining today, but I don’t change my patrol for the weather!
Dlg-hm-fomt harris sad.png Raining
I hope you’re not going mountain climbing on a day like today! It’s dangerous!