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This page is about Hardy from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. For other uses, see Hardy (disambiguation).
Hardy's Photo
Japanese Name: バドッグ (Badoggu)
Favorite Gift:


Hardy (バドッグ, Badoggu) is a doctor who travels to Forget-Me-Not Valley daily to check up on Romana and any one else who is ill. He's a mellow, casual guy with bizarre taste.

In Chapter Two, he'll move into Galen and Nina's old home, and turn it into a clinic.

Events and Requirements[edit]

A Permanent Resident[edit]

In chapter two if you walk into Galen and Nina's old home, you'll find a couple changes had taken place since your last visit. First, a complete makeover. And second, a new owner. Hardy has moved in and turned it into a clinic!

Get Weird Sickle![edit]

If you befriend Hardy, walk into his home and you'll trigger an event where he gives you his sickle. Previously used in operations, he has no use for it now.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

GREETING "Oh, what's up?"
"Good morning."
INDOORS (Villa) "This garden is kept very well. Sebastian does such a good job."
INDOORS (while Van's in room) "I'm worried about Van. He only eats very high-calorie foods."
"He tries to diet, but usually he tends to overeat..."
AT BAR "Sometimes I like to come here to relax and enjoy my favorite drink. It really refreshes my body."
"What did you order? My personal recommendation is the Stone Oil. It's a good one, but maybe it's a little strong..."
"The most affordable stuff is named Moon Trip. Even the name sounds good..."
SPRING "How are you feeling? Don't push yourself too hard..."
"...What are you looking at? Don't judge people by appearances."
SUMMER "You need to really be careful not to get heat exhaustion during the really hot seasons."
"It's really hot..."
FALL "How are you feeling today? Are you getting enough rest...?"
"The food during this season is really good. You've got to be careful not to overeat."
WINTER "Be careful not to catch a cold."
"My legs are cold..."
IN HOME "The human body is an amazing thing. It lets you know when you need to sleep, eat, or rest. Heed your body's signals, otherwise you'll get sick."
"When you don't eat, you're more open to exhaustion."
"You're wondering about my left eye...? I'll tell you about it sometime."
"Isn't this desk big? Long ago, I used to use it to operate on my patients."
AT BAR "Even doctors get to go to the Bar. The drink here gives you energy. I assure you."
"If you feel tired, drink something here."
INDOORS (Galen's) "I'm concerned by Galen's sudden aging after Nina's death."
"When this old man speaks about bonsai, he gets lively. Sometimes he's a little stubborn... ...Me too...?"

Miscellaneous Dialogue[edit]



Despite living elsewhere, it's no trouble getting in contact with Hardy, as he comes to the Valley daily.

He works his way to the villa and spends some time there before making his way back home. You might also catch him stopping by the bar on his route coming back from Romana's, and on other occasions he'll be around the Inn or bridge.





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