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This page is about Gustafa from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. For other uses, see Gustafa (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: グスタファ (Gusutafa)
Residence: Yurt
Favorite Gift:


Gustafa (グスタファ, Gusutafa) is a villager of Forget-Me-Not Valley. A musical traveler who has grown a fondness for the valley and lives in his Yurt, Gustafa wanders carefreely, playing his guiter here and there througout the day. Although starting out as friends, Gustafa grows feelings for Nami.

A lax, "Down to Earth" man who enjoys writing poems, singing, and guitar playing. He enjoys the gifts of nature.


Gustafa is only marriageable in Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

IN HOME "What do you think? Isn't it an interesting room?"
"I can't make you tea or anything, though..."
"This tent is helpful when traveling around the world."
IN BAR "I love spending time here. Good drinks and music..."
"You like to come here too?"
SPRING "I'd like to go play guitar somewhere..."
"When I just stroll around outside, my head gets filled with so many different melodies."
"This season is when the trees get nice and green."
SUMMER "It's always easy to pass the time away in this valley. Even though it is a little hot now..."
"If you go to the southern part of the ocean, you can see the most beautiful red stars."
"It tends to get really hot during this season."
FALL "I like to write poems around this time of year."
"I like to sing poems I write. That's when I can feel the melody of nature. That's what songs are, the voice of nature."
"Everything seems to look amber color in this season."
"If you go to the eastern mountains you can see some beautiful yellow stars. They can be hard to see sometimes, though..."
WINTER "This is the time of year where you can hear everything very clearly and crisply."
"This is the time of year when everything is quiet."
"This is the season when the stars are the best. Especially the blue stars above the waterfall. They shine with a mystic beauty to them..."
"The snow doesn't stay on the ground in this area."

Miscellaneous Dialogue[edit]







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