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This page is about Gray from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Gray (disambiguation).
Gray's Photo
Japanese Name: グレイ (Gurei)
Birthday: Winter 6
Family: Saibara (Grandfather)
Favorite Gift:
Rival: Mary


Gray (グレイ, Gurei) is an apprentice blacksmith who is training at his grandfather's smithy. He's a bit aloof when he first meets the protagonist, but his kinder side is revealed the more the player interacts with him. He fancies the town's only librarian, Mary, and will marry her if you do not.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Rival Heart Event 1[edit]

  • Location: Saibara the Blacksmith
  • Day/Time: Any day but Thursday, 10:00AM to 4:00PM
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Description: The Player enters the Blacksmith's. He witnesses Mary stopping by to talk to Saibara to thank him for the good work he's done for her in the past. Saibara appreciates her gratitude, but as they're talking, Gray hurts his hand as he's working. Gray insists nothing is wrong, and Saibara blames Gray's poor workmanship as the reason for his injury - but Mary won't accept that Gray is trying to act tough as he's bleeding. She takes care of his injury, and then says goodbye. Gray is all smiles after their encounter, and Saibara is left dumbfounded at Gray's sudden good mood.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]