Glitches (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town)

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Glitches and Typos[edit]

Here are some of the glitches and typos that are in FOMT..

Fishing Rod[edit]

When you first get the fishing rod from Zack it says something like 'g Rod "hing RodCopper Fishin For fishing.' This is an odd typo. It doesn't affect your fishing rod at all though. The way to stop it from saying this is by upgrading it to the copper level.

Wrong Day[edit]

When you connect to AWL enough Lu (A.K.A. Ruby) will come to Mineral town. She will tell you that she came to your town (and will be in the inn) on Monday to tell you recipes and stuff. The day she said is incorrect. The correct day is Sunday.


Now this typo is one that almost no one sees. When you go to Van's shop and stop press B to leave his shop he will ask 'Sure you don't want anythign else?' It isn't very big of a typo anyways.

Ready a Basil Book[edit]

This isn't very big either. There are 2 small typos in this one. When you talk to Anna she might ask you 'Have you ready Basil books?' Notice that she said 'ready' instead of 'read'. Also it says 'Basil books'. There are no books about Basil and she clearly meant to say 'Basil's books'.


This is just like the fishing rod one. When you fish up a bottle it says 'ttle. ished a Message in a bo.' It sounds like it was supposed to say 'Fished up a message in a bottle' There is no way to stop that from happening (unless you decide not to fish it up).

Anna's B-day[edit]

When you give Anna a gift that is decent in her opinion she will say how it is a wonderful birthday present. She says it everyday when you give her something, no matter what you do. I'm not sure if her affection rises as if it really was her B-day though. This makes it nearly, if not completely, impossible to find out her real birthday.

Dinner Role[edit]

When you look at your recipe book you will see that the dinner roll is spelled 'dinner role'. It is just a small typo.

Apple Souffl?[edit]

In the game when you cook the apple Souffle it has a '?' instead of an 'e'. This isn't major either. There sure are a lot of typos in this game.


When you go to the supermarket and buy flour you see that it's spelled 'flower'. They just got mixed up. You can see this typo anytime you buy flour.

Chicken feed or fodder?[edit]

When you buy fodder from Barley he says it's chicken feed. It really is fodder though. Has age gotten to him?

Carter Speaks in German[edit]

When Duke asks you to find someone to help pick grapes, if you ask Carter, he says something like 'Ein Teilzeitjob auf dem Weingut hrt sich nach einer Menge Spa an.' This roughly translates to 'A part-time job at the winery leads to a lot of fun.'

Manna and me[edit]

After you are done picking grapes at the winery with Cliff, Manna will say that it has been hard for 'Manna and me'. They meant to put Duke in place of Manna.


In the game when you press A on the sofa in the clinic it will say 'sopha' instead. Now that you think of it either way it sounds the same.

2 P wools[edit]

When you ship an X wool you can see on your shipping list thing that it says P wool instead of X wool. I wonder how that got messed up.

Cows or Sheep[edit]

In the sheep contest Barley asks if he should start judging the cows instead of sheep. I now truly think that the old age has gotten to him


When you have a child and it is a special event (like your birthday) your wife might say Gogo instead of real English.

Ruby or Topaz?[edit]

In FOMT there is a yellow, squared gem that is in the lake mine. It is labeled as a ruby, but it's description is 'Topaz in mines, and relatively valuable.' They meant 'Topaz' as the object. Not 'Ruby.'


When you talk to Manna in the winery she might say in a sentence 'He's Lillan's husband.' and some more. The person she is talking about is Lillia. Again a typo I guess.


When you go to the stone near the lake where Kappa is and you press A it will say 'Your hammer is LV5, but it still can't crush this 'sone. They only forgot to put the t in stone. That's all.


In a letter you get from Thomas there is a typo in it. You get it the day after your wife goes into labor. It says 'Congratulations on the birth of your son! May he and contribute great things to this town! Thomas and Harris.' I can't be sure what is, but I think they meant your wife.

Van doesn't know his name[edit]

When Van introduces himself to you it says at the little box that says his name says his name is Lou. This is only when he introduces himself. When you start buying from him his name turns into Van. I always knew that Van was a nut. After all, he sold you an evil teddy bear in another Harvest Moon game.

Barley or Barely[edit]

When you talk to Ann at the horse races she says something about Barley racing. The thing is that they spelled his name as 'Barely' instead. Another typo I guess.

Lila is getting married... again[edit]

When you go to Kai's wedding and escape the scene go and talk to Lillia. She will say 'Everybody I love is here to celebrate my marriage with Kai.' That is possibly the funniest typo in this game. Dream on Lillia.

Zack talks in Japanese[edit]

At one point in the game Zack will say your name then a bunch of Japanese words. He then says that farm life suits you well. He doesn't look happy when saying the Japanese words.

Error- 4:44[edit]

There is only one glitch in this game and it comes from the TV. When you press A while facing the TV and it is 4:44 your character will be pressing the power button to the TV repeatedly. In the Japanese version of the game the TV was only supposed to say 4:44 10 times then turn off and you could continue your game. The reason was because they think that 4 is an unlucky number (like we might think that 13 is unlucky). This didn't come out correctly anywhere else. The only way to escape the chain of pressing the TV on and off is by turning off your gameboy.