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This page is about Gina from Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. For other uses, see Gina (disambiguation).
Gina's Photo
Japanese Name: ジーナ (Jiina)
Birthday: Fall 20
Residence: Clove Villa
Family: Martha (Grandmother)
Favorite Gift(s): Golden milk, golden egg, Stardust flower
Rival: Parsley


Gina (ジーナ, Jiina) is Dia's maid. She is good at cleaning and sewing. She always thinks of Dia before herself. She is shy around people she doesn't know. Gina works in the village alongside Martha. She is a sweet, subservient young woman who had grown up beside Dia as her chambermaid. She always has others on her mind and never seems to stop giving it her all. Gina harbors a secret passion and a wonderful skill for tailor work. Her grandmother is Martha.

Profile Info[edit]

  • Birthday: Autumn 20th
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Favorite: Golden milk, golden egg, Stardust flower
  • Likes: Fish dish, eggs, milk
  • Dislikes: Ores, bugs, grasses

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