Gigant Mountain (Rune Factory 1)

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Gigant Mountain is the fourth accessible dungeon in Rune Factory 1. After defeating the boss in Clemens Cave, speak to Godwin who will then request Raguna to till 100 squares of land in Clemens.

  • Season: Summer
  • Boss: Grimoire

Monsters and Ores[edit]

Entire Bestiary and Ore List.

Monster Treasure Value
Spider Strong String
Pretty String
Flower Root
Green Crystal Seeds
Red Crystal Seeds
Big Mush Spore
Aero Element
Fuwori Quality Skin
Flare Element
Weegull Bird Wing
Wind Crystal
Aero Element
Cockadoodle Bird Wing
Wind Crystal
Buffalo Bull Horn
Heart Drink
Buffamoo S. Milk
Ore Rarity Value
Scrap Iron Common 4g
Iron Common 50g
Bronze Iron Common 75g
Silver Less Common 400g
Gold Less Common 600g
Ruby Rare 700g
Amethyst Rare 600g
Earth Crystal Common 160g
Diamond Very Rare 980g


A dragon who attacks with bites, fire, tail. The more damage taken, the more enraged and faster the dragon becomes. A charged attack is a good idea if you can dodge it's attacks well, otherwise, slash and run. Upon defeat, a scale will be dropped. if this scale is taken to the blacksmiths, it can be forged into Sharron's proposal gift, the Grimoire Sword.