Ganesha (Rune Factory Frontier)

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Ganesha's Photo
Japanese Name: ガネーシャ (Ganeesha)
Birthday: Winter 8th
Family: Marco (Son)
Favorite Gift: Demon Blood


Owner of the village's forge. It is rare for a half-elf woman to be a blacksmith, but she is actually very skilled. Her works have won her quite a few fans.[1]

She is the half-elf owner of the town's blacksmith. She learned her skills by working under the apprenticeship of her master, Dwarf. She is a unique, delicate worker and people from far and wide travel to purchase her creations. She is Marco's mother.


Runaway Marco[edit]

Enter the forge early in the morning for a chance to catch this scene. Marco is becoming fed up with the rules in his house and decides to storm out. After seeing this scene six different times, and Ganesha will collapse. Ask Lara for some Cold medicine, then return to the forge at around 6 pm. Give the medicine to Marco to receive 9 pieces of Iron the next day from Ganesha.

Master of the Forge[edit]

When you're at level 30 of forgery, talk to Ganesha and she'll comment on your progress. As you level up your forging skill, check your mailbox for requests for items from Ganesha, most of which are very simple to attain. After the final request at level 90, talk to Ganesha to receive a very powerful two handed sword.


Favorite Gift: Demon Blood

Likes: Ores

Dislikes: Fluffy wool