Game Mode Explanations (Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming)

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There are four modes of play in the single player version of Frantic farming. They are as follows:


Story Mode[edit]

Story mode follows the tale of the crops that are threatening to overtake Sunny island and the mystery behind it. Play through this as twelve different characters, each one from Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. Through out this mode you will experience delightful cutscenes that will offer insight to the personalities and quirks of all your favorite characters from the DS game. There is a preset mixture of all types of stage: survival, team score, versus, etc. (For an explanation of these game types, see below) Though it may start out deceivingly simple, prepare yourself for a challenge if you wish to complete every character's story line!

Score Attack[edit]

In score attack you'll be able to select a character out of the ones you've unlocked, then are presented with a list of all available in-game stages. Once you select a map, a game will begin. The object of this mode is to continuously score as high as you possibly can. You'll have no competitor and will on race against the clock, which will refill with time as long as you continue to score. As the game goes on, it becomes harder to fill the clock. Play any ten score attack stages to unlock the next character if you cannot do so in story mode.

Free Match[edit]

This is a build-your-own-match type mode. You'll be able to select your character, who your opponents are, which map you play on, and finally what sort of game type you'll play (see below for game type explanation). Computer difficulty settings and color choice are also available. Playing here is great way to practice!

Mission Mode[edit]

One of the most challenge aspects of the game, mission mode lets you go up against tricky mind puzzles to try and solve them. Each character has three different missions of varying difficulty.

Game Types[edit]


In survival, your key goal is to, well, survive! Your opponents will toss rocks onto your plot, making staying in the game difficult to say the least. Win by letting the timer run out.

Team Score[edit]

With Team score you and whomever is on your team will be working together to reach a score quota. Win by reaching the total before the time runs out.

Team Crops[edit]

Team crops differs from team score in that you must harvest a certain amount of specific crops in order to win. For example, you will be given the task of harvesting, for example, 15 corn, 15 eggplant, and 20 tomatoes. Your team members will aide you in this endeavor.


You will be pitted against an opponent or group of opponents. Your only task is to come out on top with the highest score by either when the timer runs out, or to reach a certain score goal first. Sometimes the goal will be confusing because it will count down rather than up, making the LOWER score the person in the lead. Avoid getting bogged down by rocks!

Team Battle[edit]

Similar to versus, except for the fact that a team member will help you defeat another team.