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This page is about Galen from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. For other uses, see Galen (disambiguation).
Galen's Photo
Japanese Name: ガリ (Gari)
Favorite Gift:


Galen (ガリ, Gari) is an old man into fishing and bonsai. He moved to the valley with his wife, Nina, to enjoy the rest of their years together in peace and relaxation.

Starting on Chapter Two, if you talk to him while he's in front of his house visiting Nina's grave, he'll ask if you'd like to wash her tombstone. Saying 'yes' will open up the Grave Washing mini-game.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

GREETING "Hey, good morning to you."
"Hey, good afternoon to you."
"Oh, >player's name<. Thanks for coming. Take it easy okay?"
INDOORS "Take it easy. Not like there's much to do anyway!"
"Don't you sometimes get bored of the valley?"
OUTDOORS "Do you fish? You can always fish, no matter what the season is. Then again there's no comparison to growing bonsai..."
"A lot of time has passed since I first arrived here... This is a place of rest and relaxation. You should also take it easy and enjoy yourself."
SPRING "This season makes me think of when I came here with Nina... I remember the flowers were blooming prettily..."
"I love this weather. It makes me feel so refreshed."
SUMMER "I feel hot. Still, it's not as hot as it could be in anywhere else."
"It's so hot. I guess this is old age just creeping up on me."
FALL "This is the best time of year. It's not hot, not cold... It's especially good for us older folks."
"This season really refreshes me... The leaves change to so many beautiful colors... I get even more into bonsai in this season."
WINTER "I feel really cold. Still, it's not as cold as it could be in anywhere else."
"I feel so cold. I guess this is old age creeping up on me."
AT BAR "A drink? It's nice to quietly drink sometimes."
"...I wish Nina were there when I get home..."

Miscellaneous Dialogue[edit]

If you show him something he likes: "Oh, you brought that for me? It's my favorite."
If you show him a skull fossil: "What is that I wonder... I don't think I really want to know."
If you show him a skull fossil: "No matter how much I look at it, I still don't like it."
If you show him a seed bag: "...... What kind of seed is that?"
If you show him a seed bag: "Do your best to grow really great crops..."
If you show him the Blue Feather: "Is that for me? I'm glad you thought of me, but I don't need it right now."
If you show him the Blue Feather: "Are you going to give that to someone?"
If you show him watering can: "Are you planning on growing bonsai as well?"
If you show him watering can: "The world of bonsai growing is deep, but don't worry. I'll teach you everything from square one. Oh, it's not for bonsai...? That watering can is going to waste then... You should start growing bonsai."
If you show him a hoe: "Are you going to do some field work from here on?"
If you show him a flower: "Those are plants taken from around here... I heard they have special properties."
If you show him a flower: "I've never eaten them before, so I don't know."
If you gave him a mugwort (next day): "That wild plant was so-so in my opinion."
If you gave him a snelt (next day): "That fish you gave me was the best!"
If you gave him a rainbob or huchep (next day): "That fish the other day tasted okay."







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