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Fritz' Photo
Japanese Name: フリッツ (Furittsu)
Birthday: Spring 8
Residence: Fritz's House
Family: N/A
Favorite Gift: Mitten Crab Soup


If optimism were cash, Fritz would be the town's richest man! He's always cheerful and glad to lend a hand if someone is in trouble. Fritz doesn't always think things through, however, so even when he believes his ideas are foolproof, things have a way of going awry.[1]


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Everyday Everyday Happy Blushing Angry Sad Concerned

Spoiler Below - Western and Eastern Wedding Portraits

Wedding 1 Wedding 2

Events and Requirements[edit]

Harvest Festival[edit]

  • When: Spring 30, Summer 30, Fall 30, Winter 30

White Day[edit]

  • When: Spring 14

Fireworks Show[edit]

  • When: Summer 15

Full dialogue of this event below.

Portrait Name Line
Happy Fritz C'mon, let's go find a good spot and kick back to watch!
Happy Fritz Man, they're so pretty!
Happy Fritz Watching fireworks always makes me feel so alive!
Happy Fritz Wow, they sure are puttin' on a show this year!

Flower Festival[edit]

  • When: Summer 31

Full dialogue of this event below.

While Single:

Portrait Name Line
Everyday Fritz Huh? A present for the Flower Fair? Is it that kind of day today?
Happy Fritz Ah, I see. Thanks for the present, <Player>!

While Dating:

Portrait Name Line
Everyday Fritz ...Oh, I see! Today's the Flower Fair, huh? Thank you, <Player>.
Concerned Fritz Shoot, I should've gotten you something, too. I'm sorry, <Player>. I need to be more thoughtful.

While Married:

Portrait Name Line
Happy Fritz Huh? A present from the Flower Fair? Man, that's just the cat's pajamas! Thank you for the present, <Player>!
Blushing Fritz Since I'm not used to this kind of thing yet, I didn't think to get flowers for you. So...I'll give you a kiss in return!
Concerned Fritz Whoa! Sorry! Yeah...I was basically just looking for an excuse to kiss you...

Valentine's Day[edit]

  • When: Winter 14

Full dialogue of this event below.

While Single:

Portrait Name Line
Everyday Fritz Huh? Is this a Valentine's Day gift? For real?!
Happy Fritz Huzzah! It looks so delicious! Thank you, <Player>. ♪

While Dating:

Portrait Name Line
Everyday Fritz I'm so relieved. When I saw that today was Valentine's Day, I was all worried that maybe you wouldn't give me anything.
Blushing Fritz Thank you, <Player>. I'll eat it with relish!

While Married:

Portrait Name Line
Blushing Fritz Haha, just what I was waitin' for, a delicious Valentine's snack! ♪
Sad Fritz ...What? Since I'm poking fun at it, you're not gonna share?! Nonono, I wasn't making fun of it, I was looking forward to it!
Happy Fritz Haha, thanks, <Player>! I'll give you something tasty in return, come spring! ♪

Starlight Gala[edit]

  • When: Winter 24

New Year's Festival[edit]

  • When: Winter 31

Heart Lines[edit]

While Single (Not Married To Fritz)
Heart Color Portrait Line
White Everyday What kind of farm are you aiming to make? Me? I wanna make a farm where you can relax and live life just how you like!
Purple Everyday <Player>, did you tear your clothes on something? I see a small hole in them, right there.
Purple Happy Housework's like a hobby of mine, so I'll have it stitched up in a jiffy! ...There we go, all done!
Blue Concerned Aww... I don't have enough to seed the whole field. I s'pose it's important to save money too...
Green Happy Raeger is a really swell guy! Sometimes, when I pass out on the street, he treats me to something delicious when I wake up. ♪
Yellow Everyday People say I'm super optimistic, but I dunno. Am I really?
Yellow Happy I just think it's better to look for the good than the bad, y'know? If I always felt down, I might miss something good in life.
Orange Everyday Huh? You're curious what I did before I came here?
Orange Happy Consider me a man of mystery with no past! Yeah! I'm not one to look back when I'm busy goin' forward. It'd be boring to admit I was just a regular student. ...Whoops.
Red Happy I'm glad you're a farmer, too. That made it easy to become friends and hang out. I've got a feelin' we'll be friends forever.
While Dating
Heart Color Portrait Line
White Angry What do you want from me? ...I'm not really sure how to relate to you, honestly.
Purple Sad Hey, <Player>. Are you bored of me? Do you not want to be with me anymore?
Blue Blushing Dating you is such a dream that I pinch my cheek every morning to make sure it's real.
Green Everyday People say you're the only one who can manage me, whatever that means.
Green Happy To me, it sounds like they recognize what a great couple we are! Haha, that makes me so happy! ♪
Yellow Happy Now that we're dating, every day is so much more fun. It's like my life hit a new plateau!
Yellow Everyday ...Wait, a plateau would mean my love isn't growing now? Really? I thought it meant my happiness had soared even higher!
Orange Everyday What do I like about you? Erm...well, you're really kind, and you're cute, and...
Orange Happy Your smile, the way you run... Y'know, we'll be here past sundown if I list 'em all individually. I like everything about you!
Red Everyday I don't think I can live without you anymore! ...Well, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration.
Red Blushing But that's how much I love you. From now on, you're my ace!
While Married
Heart Color Portrait Line
White Sad Do you ever wonder if maybe we shouldn't have gotten married...?
Purple Sad <Player's Name>, I think we should talk. The way things stand right now just isn't healthy.
Blue Concerned Don't you think you've been a bit cold these days? I dunno, maybe it's just me...
Green Happy Hey, don't you think I've been a super-reliable man since we got married?
Green Concerned ...What? Not at all? Noooooo... Well, I guess there's nothin' to do but keep tryin' hard.
Yellow Everyday I like doing housework, so if you're busy, don't hesitate to ask me for help.
Yellow Happy 'Cause we're husband and wife! Ooh, I like the sound of that. ♪
Orange Blushing Even when I'm asleep, I'm so happy that I'm with you. When it comes to people I wanna be with all the time, you're the first and last on the list!
Red Happy I love you, <Player>! My body is so full of love that I almost can't contain it!
Red Blushing H-hey, don't laugh! I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me!

Everyday Dialogue[edit]


While Single (Not Married To Fritz)
Time Type Portrait Line
Morning First Greeting of the Day Happy Hey, <Player>! What's up? Been playing in the river?
Morning Regular Greeting (1) Happy Good morning, <Player>! Ready for another stupendously productive day? ♪
Morning Regular Greeting (2) Concerned *yawn* Good morning... It's hard to wake up this early every day. You've gotta be sleepy too, right?
Morning Regular Greeting (3) Happy *hum* Oh, <Player>! Good morning!
Morning Regular Greeting (4) Happy I feel pumped I can do anything! ♪
Afternoon First Greeting of the Day Happy I know you're pretty busy -- I mean, obviously, since we're both farmers and all -- but I hope I get to see you around more often!
Afternoon Regular Greeting (1) Everyday Hey, <Player>! If you've got nothing else to do right now, what do you say we horse around a little? ...Oh, you're busy? Next time, then!
Afternoon Regular Greeting (2) Everyday Oh, it's you, <Player>. How are ya? I'm okay, I think. Good as I can be, I guess!
Afternoon Regular Greeting (3) Everyday Hey, <Player>. ...Hmm? You look pretty tired. Don't push yourself too hard, okay?
Evening Regular Greeting (1) Happy Phew, I worked my butt off today! You must be tired too, right, <Player's Name>?
Evening Regular Greeting (2) Everyday Heya, <Player>. How's your day been?
Evening Regular Greeting (2) Everyday Mine's been tiring, but I worked hard, so I'll sleep tight. I'll bet you did too!
Evening Regular Greeting (3) Everyday So, what should I do tomorrow?
Evening Regular Greeting (4) Happy Ha! Doesn't matter. Whatever will be, will be! There's nothin' I can't do if I put my mind to it!
While Dating
Time Type Portrait Line
Morning First Greeting of the Day Happy Mornin', <Player>! I feel like today didn't really start until I saw you.
Morning Regular Greeting (1) Concerned *yawn* G'morning...
Morning Regular Greeting (2) Blushing ...<Player>?! Wait, did you see me yawn now? 'Cause I'm not gettin' tired or nothin', if that's what you're thinkin'.
Morning Regular Greeting (3) Happy I'm glad I got a chance to talk with ya this morning. Now today's really lookin' up! ♪
Afternoon Regular Greeting (1) Happy <Player>, did you come just to see me? Wowzers, that's what'cha call a pleasant surprise!
Afternoon Regular Greeting (2) Everyday What's up, <Player>? How are you? Me, I'm feelin' all spokey-dokey now that I've seen you! ♪
Afternoon Regular Greeting (3) Everyday <Player>, it's good to work hard, but don't push yourself too much, okay? How about I make us something good for dinner?
Evening Regular Greeting (1) Happy Oh, it's you, <Player>! I feel like today just began when I saw you.
Evening Regular Greeting (2) Concerned ...Wait, it's night already! Argh, why are my days all so short?!
Evening Regular Greeting (3) Blushing If we talk before I go to sleep, d'ya think I'll see you in my dreams? ...Just kidding!
Evening Regular Greeting (4) Happy Hey, <Player>. Next time you go out at night, why not ask me along?
Evening Regular Greeting (5) Happy As your boyfriend, I kinda...I worry about you. Besides, it's fun to go on dates at night, right? ♪
While Married
Time Type Portrait Line
Morning Regular Greeting (1) Everyday G'morning! Whoa, look at that bed-head. ...Hmm? I have it too?
Morning Regular Greeting (2) Concerned This isn't bed-head, it's my natural hairstyle!'s hard to get my hair to go any other way.
Morning Regular Greeting (3) Happy Good morning! Ready for a hearty day of work? Let me know if you need any help.
Morning Regular Greeting (4) Everyday Good morning, <Player>! You look pretty sleepy. Did you have a scary dream last night?
Morning Regular Greeting (4) Happy Don't hesitate to wake me up if you're scared. I'll hold you close 'til you fall back asleep.
Afternoon First Greeting Everyday You're really hard-working, but it's sad to ignore your husband until this late in the day...
Afternoon Regular Greeting (1) Everyday Aren't you tired, <Player>? You always like pushing your limits, and you know I worry about you 'cause of that.
Afternoon Regular Greeting (2) Concerned Ah, <Player>... Ugh, I'm getting hungry again... Do you think my metabolism is burnin' too hot?
Evening First Greeting (1) Concerned <Player>! I haven't heard so much as a peep from you today, and it's already night. You aren't angry with me, are you?
Evening First Greeting (1) Sad We should talk more, not less. Don't ignore me...
Evening Regular Greeting (2) Everyday Whoa, <Player>, do you realize what time it is? Working too hard isn't good for your health.
Evening Regular Greeting (3) Happy Whaddaya say we stop working and hit the hay together?
Evening Regular Greeting (4) Everyday We both worked pretty hard out there today, huh? Let's give it our all tomorrow, too -- but be sure to pace yourself, 'kay?

Gift Related[edit]

Event Portrait Line
Favorite Gift Happy This is <Item Name>?! Wow! I never imagined anyone would give me something this awesome. Thank you!
Loved Gift Happy Sweet, I really like this! You really know how to pick a present. Thank you, <Player>. ♪
Liked Gift Happy You're giving me something this cool? Man, you're the bee's knees! Thank you!
Neutral Gift Everyday Huh? This is for me? Thanks!
Disliked Gift Concerned Erm, I'm not really too keen on this... But hey, I'll take it. Thanks.
Hated Gift Concerned What?! T-this is for me? ...I...uh...I'll take it...
Worst Gift Sad This <Item Name> is a present for me...? Well, I'll take it, but I sure don't ever need another one.
Favorite Birthday Gift Blushing Th-this is <Item Name>! It's my all-time favorite food!
Favorite Birthday Gift Happy My favorite food, right on my birthday? I'm on top of the world right now! ♪ Thank you, <Player>!
Loved Birthday Gift Happy Whoa, this is great! I didn't expect I'd get something this cool for my birthday. Thank you. ♪
Liked Birthday Gift Happy This is pretty neato! Thanks for picking such a nice birthday present.
Neutral Birthday Gift Everyday Huh? Is this for my birthday? Well...uh...thanks.
Disliked Birthday Gift Sad Is it opposites day? I didn't expect to get something I don't like for my birthday. I dunno what to say...
Hated Birthday Gift Sad No way to sugarcoat it...I really hate this. Ugh...that's a pretty harsh burn on my birthday.
Worst Birthday Gift Sad Why in the world would you get me <Item Name> as a birthday gift when you know I hate it?! ...It's beyond just not making sense. Who the heck gives this as a birthday present, anyway?
Too Many Gifts Everyday You've already given me one, so that seems like enough presents for now. I appreciate your generosity, though.
Too Many Gifts (Dating) Happy You already gave me a present, so I've gotta pass on this one. I really do appreciate your kindness, though. Thanks!
Too Many Gifts (Married) Everyday You just gave me something a little while ago today. We're married now -- you're like my gift every day! I appreciate the thought, though.

Weather Related[edit]


Weather Portrait Line
Sunny Everyday Can't help but feel super-sleepy on warm days like this. You know what I love to do in this situation? Zonk out on the grass! Or some days I go hammerin' rocks to collect stone. Those little rocks are so small you've gotta aim your hammer real careful!
Rain Everyday It's raining today. I guess that means I don't have to water crops, so that's like a little bonus!
Weather Portrait Line
Sunny Concerned It's hoooooooooot out there! I feel like I might be able to fry an egg on the barn roof.
Sunny Happy Hey, that might save me from having to clean a pan! Also, it's nature-friendly. That's what you call eco...ecology, right?
Rain Everyday Even in the summer, it feels a little cooler when it rains. I don't need to worry about watering crops either, so I like the rain. ♪
Weather Portrait Line
Sunny Happy The season for good food is finally heeeeere! ...Oh dang, I just made myself hungry.
Rain Concerned Sheesh...with all this humidity, my hair frizzes out like crazy. Not cool.
Weather Portrait Line
Sunny Happy I'm okay with cold weather. Actually, snow just makes me want to run outside!
Snow Happy It's snowing! Hey, <Player>. How 'bout a snowball fight? Let's DO THIS!


While Single (Not Married To Fritz)
Weather Portrait Line
Typhoon Concerned Typhoons can be kind of cool, but the strong winds really give farms a thrashing, so I kinda have mixed feelings.
Blizzard Happy It's snowing! Arm yourself for a snowball fight! ...Well, that's what I WOULD say, but I can't risk hypothermia for a snowball fight. I guess I'll let it go for today.
While Married
Weather Portrait Line
Typhoon Everyday <Player>, I know you're worried about the farm -- heck, we both are. So how about we stay home and spend some time together? I'd never forgive myself if you got hurt.
Blizzard Concerned It's snowing like crazy outside. If it'd just let up a bit, we could go out there and have a snowball fight.



Portrait Line
Everyday Aaaahhh... No matter how much I eat, there's still more food... Zzz...


Portrait Line
While Single (Not Married To Fritz)
Sad Sorry, I'm really feelin' sick... I don't think I can talk right now.
While Dating
Sad Ugh... I feel kinda under the weather. I might have caught a cold, so you should keep away from me today so you don't catch it.
While Married
Sad Sorry... I'm just too pooped to talk today.


Animal Portrait Line
Angora Everyday These rabbits have such fluffy fur, huh? I always feel bad for them during the summer.
Chick Everyday I love chickens when they're small and cute like this. When they grow up, they attack with their beaks. It's scary...
Chicken Everyday Good, good... H-hey, whoa! Don't peck me! That hurts, y'know!
Dog Happy Yeah, good! Eat more and get big! ♪
Fat Dog Everyday Good, eat more and grow bigger. ...Wait, are you getting bigger horizontally? You need to get bigger vertically!
Big Dog Happy Big dogs are so cool! I like it when they have cute faces, but look so calm and strong.
Fat Big Dog Concerned This might be a big dog, but isn't it too big? Maybe it could stand to lose some weight.
Cat Everyday Isn't it cute when you're petting a cat and it closes its eyes? That's when you know you're a pro at petting.
Fat Cat Everyday This cat looks a bit...round. It's cute, but I can hear its heavy breathing.
Long-haired Cat Happy This cat has soft, silky hair! There, good kitty... Ouch! It bit me!
Fat Long-haired Cat Everyday Whoa, this cat is a real chubster! I know cats are cute, but it should walk, not roll.
Rabbit Happy Oh, that's a rabbit It's so cute. Who's a good little rabbit?
Fox Everyday How can you hold it? Every time I try, it scratches me... You must have a knack for this kind of thing.
Ermine Everyday Oh, that's an ermine! It looks so soft. ♪ ...Gosh, it looked at me like I'm annoying it!
Sifaka Happy What a cute monkey. ...Huh? It's a white sifaka? Awwww, details, details!
Penguin Everyday Oh, look at that penguin. It's so cute. The way they flap their flippers always makes me smile.
Monkey Everyday Hey, you're the monkey who stole my banana the other day, aren't you? ...Actually, I don't know. These monkeys all look alike.
Parrot Everyday I've heard that parrots can talk. Can this one say anything?
Other Everyday You're the type who attracts animals, huh? I usually get attacked.

Family Related[edit]

Event Portrait Line
Dating (1) Blushing I'm such a lucky duck to be able to date you. I want stand on top of a mountain and shout, "<Player> is my girlfriend!" for all the world to hear.
Dating (2) Everyday We've had some good times and some rougher patches, but I don't regret for a minute dating you. Thanks for everything.
Dating (3) Everyday I've been thinking all day how I wish I could go on just one more date with you. And hey, here we are. You've made my day!
Engaged Happy Aaaaaah, I wanna see you in a wedding dress as soon as possible! I can't wait for our wedding. ♪
Newlywed Happy You and I are now husband and wife, huh...? It's got a nice ring to it. I feel so happy right now. ♪
Expecting Child (1) Everyday Are you all right, <Player>? Whenever you're tired, just let me know. Our baby deserves our best, but don't push yourself too hard, okay?
Expecting Child (2) Everyday Our baby's in here, huh? Heeeeey, can you hear me? It's your daddy. Stay healthy in there, okay?
Expecting Child (2) Happy ...Haha, I hope the baby can hear me.
Expecting Child (3) Everyday Our baby is coming soon, right? Is it okay to move around like that? I'll do whatever I can to help you with housework, farm work, or anything else you need. So go ahead and take it easy for a while.
During Baby's Newborn Stage Happy <Son> and <Daughter> are so cute! No doubt about it, they're our babies!
During Baby's Crawling Stage Happy Our kids crawl around and follow me, saying "Daddy, Mommy!" I feel so happy every time I hear them coo.
During Baby's Walking Stage Everyday I hope our children grow up healthy, and I know you do too, right? But we can always do better at being good parents for them! Oh yeah, I'm totally fired up!

Morning Request[edit]

  • This is available after you and Fritz are married. This dialogue is prompted on his days off.
Portrait Line
Everyday Oh, <Player>. Do you want some help picking up materials tomorrow?
What do you tell him?
Ask him for help. No thanks.
Portrait Line Portrait Line
Happy Okay, leave it to me! It'll be a piece of cake. ♪ You can just sleep in tomorrow until I wake you up. Everyday All right. I guess I'll pitch in and give you a hand next time.
Talk to Fritz to receive the item(s).
Portrait Line
Happy All right, I've picked up some materials! I put <Item> x<#> into your backpack.



Preference Category Gift
Favorite Cooking Mitten Crab Soup
Love Tools Philosopher's Hoe | Philos. Watering Can | Philosopher's Sickle | Philosopher's Axe | Philosopher's Hammer | Philosopher's | Milker | Philosopher's Clippers | Philosopher's Brush
Vesture Jersey Milk + | Zebu Milk + | Wool + | Suffolk Wool + | Goat Hair + | Brown Alpaca Wool + | Llama Wool + | Rabbit Fur + | Gray Rabbit Fur + | Camel Hair + | Golden Silkie Egg
Cooking Sturgeon Soup | Marlin Steak
Wardrobe Dark Green Ring | Dark Green Tri. Ring | Dark Green Clip-Ons | Dark Green Earrings | Dark Green Necklace | Dark Green Choker
Products Zebu Herb Cheese + | Zebu Fruit Yogurt + | Zebu Herb Butter + | Araucana Mayonnaise + | Araucana Herb Mayo + | Golden Yarn + | Golden Suffolk Yarn + | Golden Goat Yarn + | Golden Alpaca Yarn + | Golden Llama Yarn + | Golden Rabbit Yarn + | Golden Camel Yarn + | Golden Cloth + | Golden Suffolk Cloth | Golden Suffolk Cloth + | Gld. Goat-Hair Cloth + | Gld. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth + | Gld. Llama-Wl. Cloth + | Gld. Cml.-Hair Cloth +
Others Pink Diamond
Like Tools Orichalcum Hoe | Orichalcum Watering Can | Heli-Pack
Vesture Golden Turnip | Golden Potato | Golden Cabbage | Golden Cucumber | Golden Strawberry | Golden Onion | Golden Pumpkin | Golden Tomato | Golden Sweet Pepper | Golden Corn | Golden Pineapple | Golden Watermelon | Golden Melon | Golden Spinach | Golden Burdock Root | Golden Carrot | Golden Eggplant | Golden Sweet Potato | Golden Bell Pepper | Golden Andes Potato | Golden Radish | Golden Napa Cabbage | Golden Broccoli
Cooking Classy Carpaccio | Grilled Fish | Chocolate Truffles | Chocolate Fondue | Macaron | Ice Cream Crepe | Pumpkin Pie | Peach Pie | Cherry Pie | Apple Pie | Orange Pie | Blueberry Pie | Yogurt Pie | Herb Pie | Fruit Gratin | Clafoutis | Corn Muffin | Hushpuppies | Cannolo | Baklava | Malasada | Shortcake | Mille-Feuille | Pineapple Cake | Watermelon Tart | Lemon Tart | Muscat Tart | Jelly Roll | Chiffon Cake | Mango Cake | Grape Cake | Melon Cake | Lemon Cake | Muscat Cake | Chocolate Cake | Apricot Cake | Brioche | Cream Puff | Pancakes | Chocolate Cookie | Almond Cookie | Cheesecake | Madeleine | Aloe Yogurt | Pudding | Pudding a la Mode | Pumpkin Pudding | Chocolate Pudding | Bavarois | Almond Caramel | Fruit Punch | Pumpkin Ice Cream | Swt. Potato Ice Cream | Strawberry Ice Cream | Pineapple Ice Cream | Watermelon Sherbet | Kiwi Sherbet | Lemon Sherbet | Peach Sherbet | Cherry Ice Cream | Banana Ice Cream | Mango Ice Cream | Apple Ice Cream | Grape Ice Cream | Chocolate Ice Cream | Orange Ice Cream | Melon Ice Cream | Blueberry Ice Cream | Egg Ice Cream | Soft Serve Ice Cream | Frozen Yogurt | Brn. Butter Ice Cream | Herb Ice Cream | Monaka Ice Cream | Tomato Juice | Carrot Juice | Pineapple Juice | Watermelon Juice | Kiwi Juice | Banana Juice | Mango Juice | Grape Juice | Orange Juice | Melon Juice | Lemon Juice | Muscat Juice | Aloe Juice | Chocolate Drink | Cheese Drink | Yogurt Drink | Lassi | Banana Au Lait | Iced Cocoa | Cappuccino | Cafe Mocha | Vegetable Tea | Strawberry Tea | Peach Tea | Cherry Tea | Apple Tea | Blueberry Tea | Butter Tea | Earl Grey Tea | Herbal Tea | Milk Tea | Spring Milk Tea | Summer Milk Tea | Fall Milk Tea | Spring Herb Tea | Summer Herb Tea | Fall Herb Tea | Honey and Lemon Tea | Strawberry Shake | Pineapple Shake | Watermelon Shake | Kiwi Shake | Peach Shake | Cherry Shake | Banana Shake | Mango Shake | Apple Shake | Grape Shake | Orange Shake | Melon Shake | Blueberry Shake | Chocolate Shake | Honey Shake | Tiramisu Shake | Smoothie | Grass Drink
Products Stilton Cheese | Jersey Yogurt + | Zebu Yogurt + | Jersey Fruit Yogurt + | Zebu Butter + | Jersey Herb Butter + | Silkie Mayonnaise + | Silkie Herb Mayo + | Suffolk Yarn + | Goat Yarn + | Alpaca Yarn + | Brown Alpaca Yarn + | Llama Yarn + | Rabbit Yarn + | Gray Rabbit Yarn + | Camel Yarn + | Green Yarn + | Green Suffolk Yarn + | Silver Goat Yarn + | Green Alpaca Yarn + | Green Rabbit Yarn + | Silver Camel Yarn + | Green Cloth + | Green Suffolk Cloth + | Sil. Goat-Hair Cloth + | Gn. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth + | Sil. Llama-Wl. Cloth + | Yellow Rabbit-Fur Cloth | Gn. Rabbit-Fur Cloth + | Sil. Camel-Hair Cloth + | Big Ceramic Pot | Big Unglazed Pot | Big Pretty Jadeite Pot
Fish Pufferfish | Mackerel | Flying Fish | Needlefish | Sweetfish | Cherry Trout | Char | Minnow | Crucian Carp | Black Bass | Flounder | Large Loach | Halibut | Sea Bream | Carp | Conger Eel | Bonito | Salmon | Sea Bass | Large Sea Bass | Trout | Beltfish | Large Crucian Carp | Longtooth Grouper | Snakehead | Pollock | Tuna | Large Trout | Ocean Sunfish | Moray Eel | Large Snakehead | Spiny Lobster | Tiger Prawn | Freshwater Prawn | Lake Prawn | Steamer Clam | Basket Clam | Oriental Clam | Squid | Octopus | Horned Turban | Alligator Gar | Arowana | Anglerfish | Huchen | Eel | Marlin | Keiji Salmon | Mitten Crab | Softshell Turtle | Red King Crab | Ray | Sturgeon | Catfish | Koi
Insects Large Brown Cicada | Kaempferi Cicada | Spring Cicada | Grass Cicada | Opal Cicada | Screeching Cicada | Chattering Cicada | Emperor Cicada | Singing Cicada | Evening Cicada | Bear Cicada | Rhinoceros Beetle | Caucasus Beetle | Megasoma Anubis Btl. | Megasoma Elephant Btl. | Hercules Beetle | Hyllus Moroni Beetle | Dynastes Hyllus Beetle | Dynastes Granti Beetle | Stag Beetle | Dorcus Curvidens Btl. | Odontolabis Cuvera Btl. | Rainbow Stag Beetle | Giraffe Stag Beetle | Red-Veined Darter | Common Darter | Scarlet Skimmer | White-Tailed Skimmer | Azure Dragonfly | Cobalt Demoiselle | Golden Damselfly | Demonic Dragonfly | Wide-Bellied Skimmer | Lesser Emperor | Emperor Dragonfly | Giant Petaltail | Genji Firefly | Heike Firefly | Luminous Firefly | Candle Firefly | Black Stone Firefly | Coal-Streaked Firefly | Gold-Streaked Firefly | Whiskered Firefly | Frost-Whiskered Firefly | Piedmont Firefly | Violet Husk Firefly | Red-Eyed Firefly | Summer Firefly | Pale Clouded Y. Butterfly | Cloudless Sulphur | Bushbrown Butterfly | Comma Butterfly | Blue Diadem | Velvet Diadem | Small Cabbage Wh. | Large Tree Nymph | Long-Tailed Blue | Great Orange Tip | White Morpho | Great Purple Emperor | Swallowtail | Alpine Black Swallowtail | Helena Morpho | Queen's Birdwing | Common Jezebel | Mole Cricket | Bell-Ring Cricket | Honey Bee | Western Honey Bee | Eastern Honey Bee | Mountain Honey Bee | Giant Honey Bee | Koschevnikov's Bee | Seven-Spotted L.bug | Harlequin Ladybug | White-Spotted L.bug | Yellow-Bodied L.bug | Orange-Bodied L.bug | Large Leaf-Eating L.bug
Others Diamond | Green Downy Tuft
Dislike Tools Animal Medicine | Fertilizer | Special Fertilizer
Seeds Pink Rose Seeds | Marguerite Daisy Seeds | Tulip Seeds | Carnation Seeds | Sunflower Seeds | Red Rose Seeds | Hydrangea Seeds | Lily Seeds | Hibiscus Seeds | Pink Carnation Seeds | White Rose Seeds | Hilton Daisy Seeds | Snowdrop Seeds | Gentian Seeds | Blue Rose Seeds | Cactus Seeds
Vesture Pink Rose | Marguerite Daisy | Tulip | Carnation | Sunflower | Red Rose | Hydrangea | Lily | Hibiscus | Pink Carnation | White Rose | Hilton Daisy | Snowdrop | Gentian | Blue Rose | Cactus
Cooking Tom Yum Goong | Shredded Radish | Herb Pilaf
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