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The valley in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is the first in the series to have been designed on one map. Unlike the other games, the player is now able to wander the whole valley without ever having to go to a map. The valley is rather breath-taking, but can seem small in the long run.



  • Private Home - This is where Wally; his wife, Chris; and their son, Hugh, live.
  • Private Home - At the beginning of the game, Galen and Nina will live here, but after chapter 2, Hardy will move in.
  • Private Home - Present from Chapter 2 onwards, Samantha, Grant, and Kate live here.
  • Romana's Villa - Sometimes you can hear Lumina play the piano.
    • Sebastian also lives here
    • Pyrotechnicians' Hut - The home of the old fireworks makers, Kassey and Patrick. It's an elevated house, so you must climb up using a rope.
  • Metallurgist's Home - An artist named Cody lives here. It looks like a trailer.
  • Science Lab - The house of a scientist named Daryl. He's always working on some experiment.
  • Galen's House - From Chapter 2 onwards, Galen lives here so he can tend his wife Nina's grave.
  • Bard's Yurt - A musician named Gustafa lives here.


  • Inner Inn - Tim and Ruby's inn.
  • Blue Bar - Griffin's establishment, the Blue Bar. He serves tasty drinks.
  • Vesta's Farm - You can buy crop seeds here.
  • Van's Store - This is only here when Van is in town. When he is not, you can sell things here to the townspeople.

Other Areas[edit]

  • The forest Spring - Some mysterious creatures live in this area.
  • The Turtle Swamp - Occasionally a giant turtle roams here seeking a drink of water.
  • The Dig Site - Professor Carter and his assistant Flora dig for artifacts here.
  • The Beach - Many years ago, fishermen used to sail from here.
  • Your Farm - This is where you live and work.

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