Fishing (Harvest Moon: Back to Nature)

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The Legendary Fish are a neat part of Back to Nature. Whenever you catch one you will receive a fishprint of it, which can be seen in the Start Menu. But first, in order to do this, you must get the Fishing Pole (not Rod) from Greg, by collecting 50 fish.

  • Catfish - Bottom of the winter mine.
  • Squid - Throw a small fish into the ocean and fish. Each small fish acts as one piece of bait, lasting for one day.
  • Sea Bream - Ship atleast 200 fish, then in either Spring, Summer or Fall fish in the ocean.
  • Angler - During winter between 11:00PM and 8:00AM, fish in the ocean.
  • Char - Once you have the recipes for Sashimi, Grilled Fish and Sushi, fish in either the river on your farm or by the waterfall.
  • Carp - After catching the other five legendary fish, fish in Mother's Lake, in any season but Winter.