Fish and Beach (Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness)

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Fishing, Fish and Beach Items[edit]

Small Fish- Shipping Price: 30G to 180G[edit]

Name: Location: Seasons
Aburahaya Goddess Pond, East Town All
Amago Goddess Pond, East Town All
Atka Mackerel Beach Spring, Fall, Winter
Big-Scaled Redfin West Town, Farm, Jungle All
Bluegil Goddess Pond, Jungle All
Chicken Grunt Beach All
Filefish Beach Spring, Fall, Winter
Goby West Town, Farm All
Gold Crucain Carp West Town, Farm, Jungle All
Herring Beach All
Horse Mackerel Beach All
Japanese Halfbeak Beach Spring, Summer, Fall
Lionfish Beach All
Masu Trout East Town All
Pale Chub West Town, Farm All
Pond Smelt West Town, Farm, Jungle Spring, Fall, Winter
Rock Trout Beach All
Rockfish Beach Spring, Summer, Fall
Sailfin Sandfish Beach Spring, Fall, Winter
Sardine Beach All
Saury Beach Fall
Silver Crucain West Town, Farm, Jungle All
Weatherfish West Town, Farm Spring, Summer, Fall

Medium Fish- Shipping Price: 80G to 480G[edit]

Name: Location: Seasons
Black Bass Goddess Pond, West Town, East Town, Farm, Jungle All
Bonito Beach Spring, Summer, Fall
Char East Town Spring, Summer, Fall
Cod Beach Spring, Winter
Crucain Carp Goddess Pond, Jungle All
Eel West Town, Farm All
Flounder Beach All
Hailbut Beach All
Longtooth Grouper Beach Spring, Fall, Winter
Mackerel Beach All
Puffer Fish Beach Spring, Winter
Salmon Beach Summer, Fall
Snakehead West Town, Farm, Jungle Spring, Summer, Fall

Large Fish- Shipping Price 120G to 720G[edit]

Name: Location: Seasons
Bighead West Town, Farm All
Mahi-Mahi Beach Spring, Summer, Fall
Mola Mola Beach Spring, Summer, Fall
Rainbow Trout Goddess Pond, East Town All
Sea Bream Beach All
Silver Carp West Town, Farm All
Spanish Mackerel Beach Spring, Summer, Winter
Tuna Beach All
Yellow Tail Beach Spring, Winter

King Fish- Shipping Price: You can't ship them.[edit]

Name: Location: Seasons
Angler Fish Beach- Requirements: Clear weather Spring, Winter
Carp Goddess Pond- Requirements: Catch all 5 of the other King Fish Spring, Summer, Fall
Coelacanth Jungle- Requirements: Can only be caught between 6am and 12pm All
Huchen West Town- Requirements: None Spring, Summer, Fall
Spa Catfish East Town- Requirements: Drizzle of rainy weather Spring Summer, Fall
Squid Beach- Requirements: Can only be caught between 9pm and 4am Spring, Winter

Seasonal Items Caught at the Beach-[edit]

Name: Location: Season: Shipping Price:
Bottle Beach Spring 1 to 6 G
Pirate Treasure Beach Summer 10,000 to 30,000 G
Fish Fossil Beach Fall 5,000 to 12,000 G

Junk- Shipping Price: 1G to 6G[edit]

Name: Location: Seasons
Empty Can East Town, West Town All
Branch Jungle, Farm, Goddess Pond All
Fish Bone Beach, Farm, Goddess Pond All
Rubber Boot Beach, East Town, West Town All