Festivals (Rune Factory Tides of Destiny)

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Cherry Blossom Festival[edit]

Date: Spring 7

Description: Everyone just enjoys this day to admire the Cherry Trees. Talk to Sonia while she is in the Inn Kitchen to initiate a miniature quest. Collect the Bread, Oil, and Egg from the respective NPCs and hand them to Sonia to receive a random Bread product. (Curry Bread, French Toast, etc.)

Fishing Contest[edit]

Date: Spring 19

Description: Starting at 10AM talk to Bacchus at the beach. You have to catch as much good fish as possible you have until 6 PM. You will be called back to the beach where the results will be given. You can not fish from Ymir during the festival. So do no waste your time driving him to a deep area where you can catch (Tuna and Yellow Tail) because you can't reach him once you enter the contest. As long as you fish constantly, you should win. Victory gives you a Sashimi of some fish. It is up to you whether a 'Festival Winner' skill level and a food item is worth your day however.

Lantern Festival[edit]

Date: Spring 24

Time: 8PM

Location: the beach

Description: You go to the beach Talk to violet she will ask you what you wished for. you will be given the following choices:

  • Choice: I want some treasure
    • Effect: Gives you items.
  • Choice: I want to sleep better
    • Effect: Increases your sleeping skill
  • Choice: I wish I was handier
    • Effect: Increases carpentry skill
  • Choice: I want to take over the world
    • Effect: Gives you a Pirate Hat or a Crown.
  • Choice: I want to be friends with monsters
    • Effect: Increases monster care
  • Choice: I want to be stronger
    • Effect: Gain 3 Levels
  • Choice : I want to be handier.
    • Effect : Gain 3 levels for a random skill. (Cooking, Carpentry, Forging, or Crafting.)
  • Choice : I want to be rich.
    • Effect : Receive 3 gold pieces.

Note: The Choices change each year.


Miss Fenith Contest[edit]

Date: Summer 1

Location: Whitesand Beach

Time: 10 AM

Description: You vote for one of the 9 (or 10 if you chose to play as Aden after restoring Sonja to her body) female marriage candidates and whoever you vote for will ALWAYS win. Upon winning, the chosen girl will increase her affection for you by a LOT. Afterwards, you can chat with the said female and listen to their disbelieves or their boasting.

Odette : This is a joke right?

Lily : (Something upon the lines on "Oh my, I won again? Tee hee hee", I mean face it, she has the largest chest in the game so she would obviously win right?)

Violet : Please stop staring at me... [Afterwards] Did you vote for me? [I voted for you] O-oh my...! *blush*

Electra : I won...? *Frown* I'll try my best to live up to everyone's standard!

Elena : This is a joke right?

Merewan(?) : This is a joke right?

Sierra: Ha ha ha, I knew I would win thanks to the secret weapon inside my swim suit! (Probably pads?)

Pandora : Ha! Of course I won! Who would hope to stand a chance against world-conquering beauty like mine?

Sonja : I can't believe I won! D-did you vote for me...? J-just kidding!! *blush*

Dragon Festival[edit]

Date: Summer 12

Time: from 8 PM to midnight

Location: The beach.

Description: A Bonfire is happening on the beach. This day is sort like thanksgiving for the arch dragon of Fenith Island. Talk to the people at the event. Odette is handing out Dishes as well you only get one though.

Warrior Festival[edit]

Date: Summer 18

Time: you have from 10 AM until 5 PM to participate

Location: church plaza area talk to Mikoto for the rules and to participate.

Description: You have to hit targets on the blanketed area with any weapon. Kings targets are worth 51 points and also disappear shortly after a new set is put out. Regular targets are worth 8 points and girl targets will be worth -30 points. You must clear all of the non-girl dummies off the mat for a new set of dummies to appear.

Noviwan's attempt: i recommend using the spear and doing single stationary strikes to poke rows of dummies. Other weapons have wider hit ranges which may cause you to hit a lot of girl targets. and for every girl target you hit you lose 30 points so just to make up for each of the girls you hit you'd have to hit at least 4 regular targets. Try to hit kings first though since that's where all the points are.

I got a little over 3000 points and took first place the prize was a gold bracelet.

Fireworks Festival[edit]

Date: Summer 19

Time: Evening 8 PM

Location: Beach

Description: Just go and watch the fireworks Aden and Sonia will chat with each other.



Date: Fall 1

Description: Everyone wears a Mask and gives Candy to Children. You can make some your own and give them to your friends or talk to a certain NPC to get 2 candies to give to Quinn and Kelsey.

Fashion Contest[edit]

Date: Fall 13

Description: You are rated according to what you are wearing and given a prize depending on what place you get. Not sure how grading works.

Cooking Contest[edit]

Date: Fall 25

Description: Talk to Beatrix at the Town Square at 10 A.M.(?) to start. Talk to the Judges to find their preferences and cook dishes that fit their desires. You can check the food basket in the middle to get a bunch of generic food items. You can use any of this and keep the rest and you can bring ingredients of your own into the contest. Cook up three items for the three judges and turn them into Beatrix. After the points are added up, the one with the most wins a prize.

  • 1st Prize: Fresh Crops (Giant Green Pepper x3 or Giant Pumpkin x3)
  • 2nd Prize: Fresh Fish (Blowfish x4)
  • 3rd Prize: Health Drinks (Mixed Juice x6)
  • 4th Prize: Breakfast with the mayor (Nori Seaweed x9)


Snow Festival[edit]

Date: Winter 7

Description: The Festival starts at 10 A.M. When it starts, talk to Lily in the Town Square to begin the Festival. Snowballs will spawn around Town and you must pick them up and give them to Lily until you accumulate enough snow to build a dragon made of snow. Small Snowballs lets you run at maximum speed (Run), Snowballs let you run as if you were paralyzed, and Large Snowballs only allow you to walk. Upon completion, Lily will reward you 9 Seafood Gratins (Biri Biri prize after maxing Snow)

Harmony Day[edit]

Date: Winter 14

Description: This is the Day that you show your gratitude for your neighbors for their help throughout the year by rewarding them with chocolate gifts. Friends that have a certain friendship level with you will gift you a chocolate dish/plain chocolate when you speak to them. All Islanders will build friendship meter with you if you gift them chocolate. (It's possible to receive the chocolate and literally give it back for free Friendship points).

Biri Biri Gift

  • Odette : Chocolate Cake
  • Lily : Hot Chocolate
  • Violet : Chocolate Pudding
  • Bismark : Chocolate Pudding
  • Sierra : Chocolate Cookies
  • Pandora : Chocolate
  • Mikoto : Chocolate Cookies
  • Elena : Chocolate
  • James : Chocolate Cake
  • Maerwen : Chocolate Cake
  • Electra : Chocolate Pudding
  • Joe : Chocolate
  • Gerard : Chocolate Cake
  • Quinn : Chocolate

New Years Eve[edit]

Date: Winter 30

Lucky Lotto[edit]

Occurs on the 27th of every month. On this day if you have bought enough from any of the store's other than James. You may be rewarded a lottery Ticket. Take your lottery tickets to Beatrix In the Church plaza . All you have to do is use a ticket, spin the will, and get a prize. Prize levels go from 5 = lowest prize level to Crown = Grand Prize