Festivals (Rune Factory 4)

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Spring 1: New Year's Day
Spring 6: Cooking Contest
Spring 10: Bean Toss Contest
Spring 15: Fishing Frenzy Contest
Spring 19: De-Fluffing Festival
Spring 28: Spring Harvest Festival


Summer 1: Beach Day
Summer 11: Turnip Festival
Summer 15: Big Catch Contest
Summer 19: Firefly Festival
Summer 24: Buddy Battle
Summer 28: Summer Harvest Festival


Autumn 4: Eating Contest
Autumn 12: Valentine's Day
Autumn 15: Fish Variety Contest
Autumn 19: Handicraft Contest
Autumn 25: White Day
Autumn 28: Autumn Harvest Festival


Winter 5: Turnip Flurry
Winter 13: Quiz Contest
Winter 15: Squid Catch Contest
Winter 25: Christmas
Winter 28: Winter Harvest Festival
Winter 30: New Year's Eve


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