Festivals (Rune Factory 2)

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A Few Notes On Festivals[edit]

Pretty much any festival can be started afters 9:00 A.M Every festival Usually Ends at 5:30 P.M. Be sure to participate these festivals can award you prizes as well as the affection of the villagers and Love Interests

Generation 1 [Playing as Kyle][edit]

This is who you are upon starting A new file of course you may have changed his Name.


New Year's Day[edit]

  • Spring 1: Nothing special happens today. Everyone in town simply talks about what their plan's are for the rest of the Year, or about this day in specific. No contests and no event. Talking to villagers on this day will raise FP/LP.

Flower Festival[edit]

  • Spring 13: On this festival you have a chance to view the flowers in Cherry Blossom Square. The point of this festival is to ask a girl out on a date. The first three girls you ask out will accept. You must then meet the girl you asked out. She will be at Cherry Blossom Square. It is good for raising hearts for the girl you may be pursuing, or the girl who may have not been paying any attention to.

Eating Contest[edit]

  • Spring 25: This contest is pretty fun. All you have to do is go to De Sainte Coquille Park after 9:00 am and talk to Herman. You shall see Gordon and Douglas here. They are your opponents in this contest! He will explain the rules. What you have to do is after he says "START!" you have to press the 'A' button as many time as possible. To win this contest you must press 'A' 35 times or more. Winning gets you an Item and it raises everyone's friendship points and all of the girl's love points.


1st Day of Summer[edit]

  • Summer 1: Nothing really happens on this festival. Everyone just talks about how much they are looking forward to swimming. You can treat this as a normal day though, and talking to villagers will raise their FP/LP.

Monster Taming Festival[edit]

  • Summer 7: I hope you have toughened up a bit and worked on your communication skill, because they will come in handy today! This festival can be started by talking to Herman. You shall see Max and Jake here. They are your opponents today. The rules are that you will be given a dungeon location and you must befriend the monster in that specific area and return as quickly as possible. IMPORTANT: You must have done Cecilia's first request as that is the only possible way you would have the tool necessary to do this festival: the pet glove.

Fishing Contest[edit]

  • Summer 25: This point of this festival is to catch the biggest fish. Herman will tell you what kind of fish you need to catch. Normally, the sardine. Your opponents today will be Barrett and Dorothy. The sardine can be found at Blessia Island. To win, the fish must be at least 18 cm big.


Adventure Contest[edit]

  • Fall 1

Harvest Festival[edit]

  • Fall 13

Monster Contest[edit]

  • Fall 25


Shooting Star Festival[edit]

  • Winter 7

Mining Contest[edit]

  • Winter 19

New Year's Eve[edit]

  • Winter 3

Generation 2[edit]

Coming Soon!