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Birthdays and festivals abound in this game. If you give a person their favorite item on his or her birthday, that will greatly increase that person's Friend Points (FP - and maybe Love Points[LP]). Unfortunately, the items that people like are either hard to get or make, and by the time you have a kitchen, chances are that the person's FP is already maxed out. Talking to people on festival days will also give a boost to their FP (and sometimes LP).


There are 14 festivals throughout the year. Sharon is never in town on a festival day, so to raise her FP, you will have to go out to the ruins and talk to her. Generally, she's not even aware that anything's going on in town. Likewise, Lynette usually refuses to show up in in town when there's a festival going on. She hangs around in Mist's house all day. The exceptions are the Moon Viewing Night, Fishing Day, Winter Thanksgiving, and Sacred Night.

Godwin will always send you a message reminding you of the festival the day before it happens.


New Years Day[edit]

Spring 1

For some reason the villagers don't celebrate this in your first year, but they do from Year 2 and beyond. Go into the village and talk to everyone (except for Sharon, who, as always, is outside the ruins) to raise their FP. Lynette is in Mist's house on this day.

Spring Thanksgiving[edit]

Spring 18

This is the day for guys to give cookies to the girl(s) they like. Chances are you won't be participating in Year 1, but once you have enlarged your house, bought the large kitchen, bought the oven, and have a cooking skill level of 15 or above, you can make cookies by yourself. Items reqiured are the oven, milk, butter, and flour. (Seems like those would be bizarre, flat and tasteless cookies, but, oh well.) The more cookies you give to a girl, the more her LP will rise... Supposedly. It doesn't work with all girls (e.g. Bianca).

Egg Festival[edit]

Spring 23

This is the day to decide who has the best eggs in town. If you have a monster that gives eggs, take a large sized egg to Jackolyns in the town square. If you win, you'll receive 50,000G and an empty bottle (to store medicine). Talking to people will raise their FP a bit.

Cooking Festival[edit]

Spring 27

The cooking contest. Go and talk to Jackolyns (who is, once again, in the town square) and he will tell you what he wants you to make. If you have the ingredients handy, go back to your house, cook the item, and bring it to Jackolyns. You will receive money (the amount differs) if you win. Talk to people to boost their LP level.


Opening Day[edit]

Summer 1

Although there's a lot of talk of swimming, all you do on this day is run around and talk to people. It's funny to see that so many of the guys are eagerly hoping to see various girls in their swimsuits! Talking to people will boost their FP.

Milk Festival[edit]

Summer 18

This is the day to judge the best milk. If you have a monster who gives milk, bring milk to Jackolyns, who is...well, you guess where. The larger the milk, the more money you'll receive. (Where does Jackolyns get all his money...?) Once again, talking to people will raise their FP.

The Expedition[edit]

Summer 26

This is a contest. Godwin has hidden a book in the Carmite dungeon. Talk to him (in the town square) to begin the contest. Run to the Carmite dungeon (the first dungeon, in case you've forgotten) and go through it until you get to the first save point (after the first stairs leading down). At the next intersection, go down. There is a machine there that spawns red ants. Defeat the machine and the ants and press "A" to check a rock near the machine. The book is there. Use your Escape spell to exit the dungeon, then run back to town and give the book to Godwin (you will need to literally pull it from your rucksack and give it to him). If you returned it fast enough, you can choose from 50,000G, 500 pieces of wood, or a bottle.

Year after year, Godwin always hides the book in the exact same place, so once you know the precise location of the book, winning this festival is really, really, REALLY easy.


Harvest Festival[edit]

Fall 7

Talk to people and/or give them vegetables in order to raise their FP. Be sure to give people actual veggies, not fruits (like strawberries).

Moon Viewing Night[edit]

Fall 17

On this night you can invite one of the girls to go and view the moon together at Clemmens Peak. The mountain peak is northwest of your farm, over by the entrances to Giganto Mountain and Clemmens dungeons. In order to invite a girl, she must have at least 4 LP; she'll turn you down if her current LP level is 3 or less. All you have to do is talk to the girl and choose the first option. You must invite the girl when she is at a certain place, otherwise, the option to ask her out will not appear:

  • Bianca: In the mansion, at the top of the staircase.
  • Tabitha: In the mansion, on the staircase.
  • Rosetta: In the 1st floor of the supermarket. (I think.)
  • Melody: In the 1st floor of the bath house (after 3PM).
  • Lara: In the clinic.
  • Fill: In Neumann's shop.
  • Sharron: In front of the ruins (duh).
  • Tori: In the bath house (4PM?)
  • Mist: In front of your house (after noon).
  • Mei: At the pier on the beach (though she might accept when she's in the inn, too).
  • Lynette: At the town square.

If 6PM comes and goes before you've asked a girl to go out with you, you probably won't be able to get a date. Completing this event will cause the girl's LP to rise one or two points.

For some reason or other, if you're married, you can't ask your wife to go moon-viewing with you. But she doesn't mind it at all if you ask another girl to go out with you, which is just as weird.

Fluffy Wool Festival[edit]

Fall 24

This is the day to judge whose Mokomoko (a sheep-like monster) gives the best wool. The easiest place to get a Mokomoko is the Toros cave (2nd cave). Give the wool to Godwin in the town square, and if you win, uh... I forgot what you get. It is claimed on one Japanese site that this festival might have a minor bug in it: Godwin doesn't care what size the wool is. It may be possible to win with a small wool given by a Mokomoko with 0 FP, which is pretty weird. Haven't tested that myself, though.

Fishing Day[edit]

Fall 29

The festival that's not a festival. Talk to the people who like fishing in order give a slight boost their FP (and in Mei's case, LP). It's also a good day to give Mei a fish for a gift.

There's a mistake on the in-game calendar. It lists Fishing Day as being the 28th, but it is actually the 29th. The 28th is when you get the notice about it from Godwin.


Winter Thanksgiving[edit]

Winter 6

This is the day that girls give chocolates to the boys they like. The girl(s) who has/have at least 5 love points will give you a chocolate bar. You can either accept it (option 1) or reject it (option 2). If you accept, the girl's LP value will rise by 1. If you're married, only your wife will give you chocolate.

Sacred Night[edit]

Winter 24

This is the day to have a nice, long conversation (kind of) with the girl(s) of your choice. Any girl with 7 LP or more is a good candidate. You must talk to her when she is in her room. Technically, you're supposed to talk to her late at night, but it actually works if you talk to her early in the morning, before she goes to work.

If the girl's LP is at least 7, she will tell you that she enjoys talking at length with you in her own house, and then say that she's glad she met you. Her LP value will then rise 2 points. If the girl has 6 LP or less, nothing happens.

Talk to Mei while she is in her room at the inn. You probably have to talk to Sharon while she's in front of the ruins, since she mentioned nothing about the Sacred Night when she was in her room at the inn. I have no idea where you talk to Lynette. The Sacred Night always falls on a Friday, and since Lynette is on the beach all day Friday, that's probably where you need to talk to her.

New Year's Eve[edit]

Winter 30

The day before New Year's. Just talk to people to raise their FP a bit. As always, Sharon is at the ruins, and Lynette in Mist's house.