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Spring 1st, New Year's Festival[edit]

  • Description: You venture to the peak of the mountains to reminisce about the past year, and to bring in good tidings for the new year. A few of the villagers gather together to celebrate.
  • Place: Mountain Peak

Spring 23rd, Flower Festival[edit]

  • Description: Everyone celebrates the arrival of Spring with the Flower Festival. You can buy the Snow Gem from the Peddler, or a selection of three perfumes from Nina's Mother: Lilac, Rose and Violet. Each of the marriage candidates have a preference for the perfumes, and if you give them their favorite, it'll add +15 Affection Points. Ann's favorite is Violet, Maria's is Lilac and Ellen's and Eve's are Rose. Nina doesn't mind any of the perfumes, but giving her any of them leads to +8 Affection Points. This also provides an opportunity to dance with your favorite marriage candidate.
  • Place: Town Square


Fall 12th, Harvest Festival[edit]

  • Description: To celebrate a great harvest, everyone gathers in the square. You should also bring something edible to contribute. This is another opportunity to dance with your favorite marriage candidate.
  • Place: Town Square

Fall 20th, Egg Festival[edit]

  • Description: After everyone arrives, the Mayor will reveal a series of colored eggs for villagers to locate in chests hidden around the town. If you win, you have a chance to receive a Power Berry.
  • Place: Flower Bud Village
  • Locations of Eggs:
    - Chest by town entrance
    - Chest beside the Fortune Teller's House
    - Chest at top right corner of the map
    - Chest at top left corner of the map
    - Chest beside the Mayor's House
    - Chest beside The Church
    - Chest behind the Bar
    - Chest behind the Livestock Dealer's Shop


Winter 10th, Thanksgiving[edit]

  • Description: A day when women bake cakes for men to show their appreciation for them. Each marriage candidate will be standing somewhere around town waiting for you to talk to them.
  • Locations of Each Candidate:
    - Ann: In front of the Tool Shop
    - Ellen: Top right of the Square
    - Eve: Just outside the bottom of the Square
    - Maria: By The Church
    - Nina: In front of the Florist

Winter 24th, Star Night Festival[edit]

  • Description: Described as a night where the sky is at its clearest and the stars the most beautiful, the Star Night Festival is a way to get closer to your favored marriage candidate. They may mention the spot they'll be going the day before on the 23rd, so pay attention.
  • Locations of Each Candidate:
    - Ann: Spa
    - Ellen: Square
    - Eve: Bar
    - Maria: Church
    - Nina: Mountains


  • You don't celebrate the New Year's Festival in Year 1.


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