Festivals (Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar)

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  • 8th Flower Festival starts
  • 12th Flower Festival results are announced
  • 14th Spring Thanksgiving (boys give girls chocolate)
  • 30th Tea Party


  • 15th Animal Festival


  • 15th Main Course Cooking Contest
  • 16th Dessert Cooking Contest
  • 23rd Wine Festival
  • 31st Pumpkin


  • 10th Pet Festival
  • 14th Winter Thanksgiving (Girls give to boys)
  • 20th Snowboarding Contest
  • 24th Star Night Festival
  • 31st Countdown


Festivals start at 12:00 and are held in the Square

Festival Descriptions[edit]

  • Flower Festival - The object of the flower festival is to give as many flowers to the townspeople as possible.It lasts over several days and if you've given enough flowers, you might become the winner, and consequently gain even more friendship with the entire town.
  • Tea Party -
  • A few days before the first Tea Party the Mayor will arrive at your house and give you some tea leaves. Make sure to put those in the windmill and turn them into tea. On the day of the tea party, go to the square and give the prepared tea to the mayor AFTER 12 o' clock. The whole town will gain FP. In the second year and beyond, you must bring your own tea. You get a different dessert based on how many stars the tea you donated has
  • Spring Thanksgiving - For guys, give cookies to the girls of your choice to gain LP. If you are a girl, the guys will come and visit you with a cookie present. If you gave them a present the year before, they will bring you Chocolate cookies. If not, they'll be regular. They come at these times:

8:00 ~ 08:59: Juris

09:00 ~ 09:59: Dirka

10:00 ~ 10:59: Royd

11:00 ~ 11:59: Agi

12:00 ~ 12:59: Schmidt

Animal Festival - There is a little race held in the square for one type of farm animal. Cow contest is held the first year, chicken the second, sheep the third, then it repeats. To win, you need an animal with a high heart level. When the race starts, tap A at a quick interval, but be careful not to do it too quickly or your animal will get tired. The prize for winning is some rare metal like orchalcon, mistril or admantite and a FP boost with the whole town.

Fall cooking festivals (main, dessert, wine) - Bring a dish that's made from the specified category to the mayor after 12 pm to start the festival. A four star meal or above has a good chance of winning. It probably has to have more than two ingredients, too. The Wine festival is more like the Tea Party: Just bring some wine and enjoy a nice scene with the whole town. You'll receive a different sort of cheese depending on how many stars the wine you donate has.

Pumpkin Festival - Children will come to your home in the morning asking for treats. You must give them a cooked dessert. Kevin comes at 7:00 – 8:59, Sigyn and Laramie from 9:00 – 10:59. Walk inside your house to trigger the event. You will gain 1000 FP with the kids if you give them treats. Sigyn and Laramie only require one dessert, not one for each.

Pet festival - This is a race with your pet. The first year a dog of your choice competes, the second year it's cats. It's the same race mini game that is used for the animal festival, except you will be racing with your cat or dog of choice. The prize is a precious stone and a FP boost with the townspeople as well.

Winter Thanksgiving - For girls, give chocolate baked goods to the boys of your choice to gain LP. If you are a boy, girls will come and visit you with a chocolate present. They come at these times:

8:00 ~ 08:59: Shelfer

09:00 ~ 09:59: Enju

10:00 ~ 10:59: Freja

11:00 ~ 11:59: Anemone

12:00 ~ 12:59: Kagetsu (?)

Just in case you forgot, Merini will be selling chocolate cookies and cakes for you to give out as presents… don't expect them to come cheap though!

Snowboarding Contest - You will go down the slopes on your snowboard while racing against CPU competitors. For the first year's course, you'll need a time lower than about 5.40 seconds to win. If you become the winner, the townspeople are sure to admire you and will all gain FP.

Star Night Festival - Ask a boy or girl of your choice to dinner the day before the festival. They need to have a blue heart or above to be able to ask them out. Unfortunately, Royd and Kagetsu cannot be asked the first year because Royd will be in the city, and Kagetsu won't be able to be unlocked until year two. LP will go up with the person you choose. They will tell you where to meet them at 20:00 the next night... don't be late!

Countdown - A countdown in the square starting at 9 o' clock