Festivals (Harvest Moon: 2 GBC)

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  • Time: Player set
  • Description: Whoever you're best friends with will give you a gift.

New Years[edit]

  • Time: Happens every year on the 1st of Spring except the first year.

Cherry Cup Races[edit]

  • Time: Spring 15th
  • Description: In the second year when your horse is mature enough, you can participate in the horse races to earn money and the all important photograph.

Flower Viewing[edit]

  • Time: Spring 25th
  • Description: Go to the square to see all the cherry blossoms and earn a photograph.

Star Festival[edit]

  • Time: Summer 7th
  • Description: Go to the square at night to see people viewing the night sky.


  • Time: Summer around 11th and 21st
  • Description: Makes you miss a day and ruins crops. Boooo.

Moon Viewing[edit]

  • Time: Fall 10th
  • Description: Go to the mountain at night to view the moon with Mary and get a photograph.

Daisy Cup[edit]

  • Time: Fall 15th
  • Description: Like the Cherry Cup, but more daisy-like. Win to get Napa seeds.

Harvest Festival[edit]

  • Time: Fall 25th
  • Description: Daisy needs dairy for the cream stew, so just take anything from the like cheese or milk or whatever, then head up to the square. You get a photograph for it too.

Heavy Snow[edit]

  • Time: Winter 1st and 20th
  • Description: Like Hurricanes, but more snowy.


  • Time: Winter 14th
  • Description: You get free cake. Yay, cake!

Holy Night[edit]

  • Time: Winter 25th
  • Description: Go to Church and you can pray to the Harvest Goddess. You can pray for sunshine, happiness, friendship, health, or wealth.