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This page is about Felicity from Harvest Moon. For other uses, see Felicity (disambiguation).
Felicity's Photo
Japanese Name: フェリシア (Ferishia)
Birthday: Spring 21
Residence: Inn
Family: Father (Out of Town)
Mother (Out of Town)
Sister (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Angler Fish Stew


Avatar Gallery[edit]

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Wedding Wedding

Events and Requirements[edit]



Heart Lines[edit]

While Single (Not Married To Felicity):

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Happy I'm happiest when I'm thinking about food.
White Everyday I'm not just talking about eating, but also finding out where the ingredients are made and how the food is prepared.
Purple Everyday I like reading cookbooks.
Purple Happy Even if I can't travel all over the world or back to the past, I can learn about places by reading cookbooks!
Blue Everyday I'm very happy when people who come to the restaurant look like they're enjoying the food. Of course, it's not like I made it, but I did help create an environment for people to enjoy it in.
Green Happy Tina is my sweets buddy. We eat tasty deserts together and tell each other about the sweets in different regions.
Yellow Everyday When I eat a meal, I get a sense of the personality and feelings of the person who prepared it.
Yellow Happy I enjoy it because it's like that person's experiences, feelings, and life are packed into the flavor of the food.
Orange Everyday When I was ten years old, my parents told me that I needed to pay for my own food, so I started working part-time.
Orange Happy I've worked at many restaurants and seen many types of food, so I'm grateful to my parents for making me get a job.
Red Happy <Player>, you're a very, very important friend to me.
Red Lovestruck I want to be friends with you forever, okay? I truly like you.

While Dating (Felicity):

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Sad Please don't talk to me, <Player>. Just looking at you makes me lose my appetite...
Purple Angry I always thought that you were my prince, <Player>. But now you're more like a tyrant!
Blue Happy Now that we're a couple, I can ask for all the attention from you that I want, right?
Green Happy Recently, one of my customers said that you and I are a good match, <Player>.
Green Lovestruck I was a little embarrassed, but it also made me very happy.
Yellow Everyday Recently, Clement said to me, "You look even more beautiful lately."
Yellow Happy What?! You think so too, <Player>? Ha ha ha. I'm so happy!
Orange Happy <Player>, you're handsome, good at cooking, and kind. You really are my prince.
Red Happy <Player>, just seeing you makes me smile. I'm madly in love with you.
Red Lovestruck Let's always be this in love with each other forever.

While Married (To Felicity):

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Angry I've stopped expecting anything from you, <Player>. I'm going to do what I can to have fun on my own!
Purple Sad I haven't felt much affection from you recently, <Player>... Please show me that you care about me.
Blue Troubled Lately, I've been having these dreams where you disappear. So now I'm a little afraid to sleep at night...
Blue Sad Um, <Player>, please don't go anywhere, okay? I want you to stay by my side forever...
Green Everyday Thanks to you, every day I get to eat delicious food made with delicious ingredients.
Green Happy You fill every day with joy. I find myself thinking that I should have married you sooner.
Yellow Everyday Work is fun and housework actually isn't bad at all either.
Yellow Happy I enjoy doing housework because I know it'll make you happy, <Player>.
Orange Lovestruck It's wonderful living with the person you love. We get to be lovey-dovey all day long.
Red Lovestruck It's kind of funny for me to be saying this, but I feel very loved by you, <Player>. Of course, I love you right back. Let's always be this madly in love with each other.

Everyday Dialogue[edit]



  • Felicity has been working since she was ten years old. Her parents told her she had to pay for her own food.
  • Felicity says Tina is her sweets buddy; they get together and eat desserts while they talk about different sweets from around the world.



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